High speed rollover in my 5.0, totalled it

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  1. The best justice would be sending that asswipe back to mexico to the grass hut that he came from. Would you want your tax moeny keeping him in jail after he wrecked your Mustang to ?
  2. Aren't you glad Mustangs have 5 star rollover ratings!
  3. except us in the verts.
  4. Atleast you and your friend are ok. If interested in parting out i need somethings out of your interior. Wecked mine about 2 months ago and am putting it back together. Email me at [email protected] if interested in selling anything
  5. Wow, your roof held up pretty good. Makes me feel a bit safer in my car. I think GreenGT sums it up best as far as my feelings go. Since it was a hit and run you may be able to get the police to start an investigation. If you have a good insurance company you may still be able to get something out of them. Dont worry man, things will look up for you. You still have your whole life ahead of you (after the accident) and thats the important thing.
  6. You have some GOOD LUCK!
  7. good to hear you're ok, but you best watch your mouth with that idiot mexican crap. i'm a mexican and proud of it. you probably shoudn't have going so fast anyway. accidents happen and just like it was a mexican, it could have been a woman driver or and elderly or another idiot like striped5.0.
  8. Its good that you and your frind are ok. I can kinda see where you coming form. About 3 months ago a guy in a rent-a-car brake checked me and I hit him in the rear. The damage was light but it still upset me. Thank God you walking.
  9. Thats a personal attack, want to get yourself banned or what? Did I say ALLL MEXICANS...no I belive I dident so how can that offend you just b/c you happen to be mexican. Some of the dumbest people I know are white so that dosent mean I hate my race because of it. Apparently this one mexican is an asswipe b/c he left a serious accident where people could have been killed, I wouldent stick up for the guy no matter what nationality he is.
  10. Striped, I think stunner doesent like you to much after the Cobra hood forum. Its not good for you to call other posters idiots, people get banned for stuff like that.
  11. That sucks man.

    Is that you in that first pic? If it is now I know why you call yourself Capt. Shockwave. Also who's the chick in the pic?
  12. Damn man, I feel for you big time :( PLan on a new stang in the future?
  13. sucks major ass dude. I feel for ya. Glad you are okay. If you wanna sell some parts just holler at me.
  14. I'm Mexican too... It sucks to be politically correct all the time.

    I have a Vert. You guys think a 4pt roll bar would help much with this kind of accident?
  15. Now can u imagine if u had a Targa top?? U might of not even stayed in the car
  16. yeah, I'm up for a purchase of a few parts as well... keep up apprised... any plans on a new stang though??
  17. Man, I have three words that will make it all better....


    You're totally set to build a badass Cobra roadster!
  18. Holy crap thats horrible!
  19. make sure to mention that you were drivin the speed limit in your police report though... telling the other kind of 5-0 that you were doing 90 wont help your case!!
  20. yea, as it stands, the police report was that I was doing 70 mph, and my car was a hit and run by a nissan pickup with a camper shell. The vato fled the scene and I even have 3 witnesses saying he hit me, and I have tire marks on my car also. But I dont have his license plate, so Im probably not going to get ANY money, and Im only 19, so I might be screwed pretty hardcore