High speed rollover in my 5.0, totalled it

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  1. me and my buddy ryan (the passenger in the car) stopped before work this morning stopped along the fence and watched traffic for a good 45 minutes. didnt see ANYONE. the guy is probably long gone in mexico by now. Im going to part the car out (Anyone here want any parts?) My plan is to find another 94-95 GT in Black with low miles. Hopefully with a little luck Ill be driving one in a few months.......
  2. Boy do I like badder adder's idea. You have everything available to you now o do one sweet cobra replica if fund allow. You might want to check into that.
  3. Shockwave, there was a post on here early this week about a guy whos car was set on fire in mexico he is looking for interiro parts becuase that seemed to be what burned....i am sure he will be in need of parts.

    Is it just me or has it been a bad year for 94-95's? it seems like every week now someone's car is getting destroyed
  4. well, since you are parting it out... if you have the driver's side carpet pad in good shape... the little rubber grommet around the EBrake, and the black plastic radiator cover... I'll take those.. that's all I need though...
  5. hey capt. if your going to part it out email me at [email protected] cause i recked mine not long ago and im putting it back together. email me and i tell you what i need and you tell me how much you want for
  6. [email protected] for me... if those parts are still in good condition, give me a holla... I'll wait to hear from you...
  7. oh, the memories! I'm out from lompac now! I miss that car
  8. Uninsured motorists is part of liability, since it was a hit and run fault will go to the party that fled. Check with your insurance company about that.

    Sorry to hear about the car, glad to see your ok, but good god man slow down.
  9. Ya, the crash was 6 years ago. Im out of federal now and just looked old my old post
  10. so you were locked up for six years?
  11. so what was it, that you didn't do, that got you in?
  12. It doesn't matter. He's un-insured and dirt poor, they always are . . . (nevermind, responding to some really old post)
  13. Capt.
    Your probably not going to like this but I have a quick comment about your wreck. First I'm glad your ok. Your buddy as well. And it sucks that the guy ran. Brown White Black Yellow, it doesn't matter...
    The problem I have with this that you were doing 90. Do you think "IF" you were not doing a high rate of speed, this all could have been avoided? "IF" the guy turned to see if anything was in his way you were probably not close enough to get into a wreck. But by you travling 90ish you are closing the distance between you and him quickly. It's worse if the guy was only doing like 60. The 30 MPH difference if BIG.
    Although the guy hit you. Do you think he is 100% the cause of the wreck? You contributed to this as well by driving at the speed you were. Use your head a little bit. How would you like to be posting that you killed your friend because you got in a wreck because you were doing 90. I would imagine things like this don't do not go away for a long time.
    Again I'm really glad that you and your friend made it out ok. Just please think next time your doing 90mph down the street...