Hijack Me!!!

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  1. 1: eeeewwwwww......

    2: mine's all black and some of the letters seem to be missing...... but I may just have a skewed reality....

  2. So! It was you who skewed reality!:nonono:
  3. Oh boy, almost like a black hole, huh?
  4. or a time warp!

  5. ok since you gave an opening, i'll take it. and just exactly how old were you when the time warp was first hypothesized? hehehe
    "let's do the time warp again"
  6. I was as old as creation and as young as a newborn!:nice:
  7. if I hijack this thread, I don't know where to take it.
  8. Just pick any direction you want!:D
  9. west by southwest.

  10. Actually, I prefer West by Northeast! :D

    See when you have one wife and three kids (and a 200+ lb cat living on your couch); you tend to run aound in circles a lot! :crazy:
  11. I first did the "warp" at age 17, back in 1977!

    "It's just a jump to your left......."
  12. DAMN! You're OLD!
  13. Spay the cat! Spay the cat!Spay the cat!Spaythecat!Spaythecat!Spaythecat!Spaythecat!Spaythecat!Spaythecat!Spaythecat!Spaythecat!Spaythecat!Spaythecat!
  14. Replace Spay with KILL
  15. nice kitty, that's a nice kitty. can i get you anything? how about a nice fresh sheeple, would you like a nice fresh sheeple? that's a good kity :D
  16. Are you complaining? After all the work I do to keep mice and rats out of the gutter? After all the rice Me, Cleo, and Blue have had to eat just to satisfy your twisted sense of pride? Is that my thanks? Is that what I'm worth? I am severely disappointed.

  17. I'm not complaining....just the opposite! I figure if the cat were spayed then he wouldn't be distracted from his hunting by his "little brain" and thus would keep more rodents (and maybe the stray peanut or two), out of the Closet / Gutter!:nice:

  18. :nono: Bad Peanut boy
  19. :rolleyes:
  20. you'll ruin my hunting instinct! You'll cut off my flow of testosterone, and I'll wind up a fat, lazy catt.