Hijack Me!!!

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  1. That's even WORSE than I imagined!:eek: El Cheapo being STALKED by mommy and daddy's kitchen trash can!:eek:

  2. Hey, those little cans bite worse than those pesky little Chihuwawas, and are meaner than Pak's farberware! And man, do they spew garbage everywhere!
  3. Lol I wonder what he must have done as a child to provoke it....
  4. Well, it finally explains what I was smelling during our FFR road trip!;):D
    I dunno.. :shrug: but you're on the path to the darkside yourself now! This I know because I heard your Dad mutter the Magikal Inkantation....."Someday she is going to have a child just like her!"

  5. I smell that all the time...

    Heh, Stangnet is where I get to bag on dad, so I figure, why not? As for the child, that means 2x the torture for him what he gets to be grandpa chepsk8!
  6. That's NOT how it works.....Grandparents get the wee widdle ones all wiled up end send 'em home with their parents! :rlaugh:

  7. OMG.... my hero regularly succumbs to rubbermaid kitchen trash cans??????
    Enjoy playing with that one, Fritz!

    And I thought I was having a bad streak recently with phone poles! Just barely getting over the rash on my arms from the last time (10 days ago) I almost "burned" one. But trash cans! :nonono:
  8. That never worked with me... I always came home tired or bored or mad... :shrug:
  9. Exactly......and Dad had to deal with you in those moods!:D
    Hmmm....A single father of two.......Kinda makes you wonder what other rubbermaids he regularly succumbs to too???:scratch:

  10. That's what I was thinking! :lol:
  11. Poor Dan......abused by his family, abused by his friends....I wonder, has Cobrask8 started to abuse him too!:scratch:
  12. Y'know, I was wondering the same thing. We've only seen Deanna on the page recently.... I hope Dan isn't trapped in a tangle of psychodelic spaghetti :eek:
  13. Me too! Or he might end up looking like this guy....:
  14. Okay, I didn't say anything over on your "Anyone Else?" thread (mostly because my "work on the Mustangs" involves 1 horsepower, alternative-fueled four-hoof-drive versions); but why, oh why did you photograph that carcass on a multi-colored berber rug????? :scratch:
    I can't figure out what the H-E-double-toothpicks it is! :shrug:
  15. It's a "crime scenne photo" of a dead mouse right where I found him Saturday afternoon. Apparently he had stowed away on the 8" rear, and when I lifted it up onto blocks Saturday he fell out (must've been in the driver's side brakes).....There wasn't anything but skin and bones left. As to why the photo....'cause he was there!
  16. I'm still alive!

    I have to share computer time with Deanna at home, so while she is monopolizing the computer with 200 IM windows & Runescape games, I'm down in the kitchen duelling with the trash!

    Also, been working alot oc Cobrask8, wiring has been a long deal, but now almost done!
  17. How do we know you're the REAL Chepsk8, and not some evil facimile created outta trash by Deanna and The Rubbermaid?:scratch:
  18. How did you find out about that???? Dang, now I gotta start all over again... :nonono:
  19. Us BIGBLUE FUZZY CLOSET MONSTERS know things!:nono:
    Now leave your poor addled daddy be!;):D
  20. But I was bored Uncle BBFCM and there wasn't anything better to do...