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Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by HistoricMustang, Aug 10, 2004.

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  1. I am going to be busy for the next 30 days or so with this project so perhaps no post with alternative ideas for the budget minded viewers:


    click on the "press release" button.

    Keep sending me those "PM's" if you have specific questions.

    It is important as we go through life and do things for those individuals that are no longer with us. Some viewers here think I am a real pric*. Perhaps this will give everyone a true view of the real "HistoricMustang".

    If you are free on September 11, 2004 and live in the Georgia/Carolina area, come and join us as we remember racers who are no longer with us.

    Hey, over 80,000 viewers at the non profit, no pop-up site so we must be doing something worthwhile.

    Thanks to all of the supporters.

  2. Fits very well with the helpfull suggestions I've received from you.
    I've found you, and all the other fine folks here at StangNet, to be the "Best of the Best" in the Mustang World.

    Sorry I can't be there.

  3. historic, i just wanted to make something clear. i feel you do have a lot to add to this forum, however it's when we are discussing other specific things that have nothing to do with keeping something "mostly" stock with minor improvements to the factory stuff is when i get upset. like when we are talking about rack and pinions, coilovers, different kinds of non stock power steering stuff or 4 link rear suspensions or whatever that's when i get irritated. i beleive there are pro's and con's to both sides but when you join a discussion about coilover suspensions or alternatives to rack and pinion systems without using the stock add-on power steering stuff and start saying that these cars don't need anything more than what ford gave us is the reason i start flaming you. i'd like to ask that we (all of us on SN) please read all of a thread and understand what the discussion is about before we start telling other people how they should build thier car. in other words i'd like to call a truce of sorts. can we do that? if we are having a discussion about coilover suspensions then you don't post saying "you don't need to spend all that money", and if there is a discussion about how to make a "stock car" handle better without spending a lot of money i won't say "what you need to do is buy a tcp suspension setup" or whatever. deal? i'm trying to keep SN a great place to find information without people having to sort through a lot of bad attitudes. is that cool with you?
  4. good luck with that, I hope it all works out.
  5. HM, are you coming to Road Atlanta this weekend?
  6. LMan, I will not be at Road Atlanta this weekend because of the memorial project. We have a meeting trying to tie down all the loose ends with former drivers and cars coming to town for the event. I explained all of this to Jim.

    Am sure that Jim and the rest of the group will show you a good time. What a fantastic track and yes I do have a couple of wins at Road Atlanta in the old lady with all the basic stuff attached.

    Let us know how it goes.

    bnickle, you completely miss where I am coming from and those feelings have been expressed several times on the forum. At 55 there is nothing that I have not experienced in life and a few flames just get me prepared for what will happen in the afterlife. No hard feelings on my end but I will continue to tell people you do not have to spend $1000 on the front end of these things to get them to go around a corner.

    I get e-mails everyday from people wanting to cut through all the magazine stuff and have fun in their early models.


  7. well then i guess i will just have to keep telling you to butt out and mind your own damn business when you post that crap in a thread that doesn't have anything to do with "early model performance on a budget" then. i can't help but take it personally when we have a thread about coilover suspensions that a fellow stangnetter is building and then you come in and shove that crap down our throats. we all know that we don't have to spend 1,000's of dollars but some of us are looking for better performance than the stock stuff will give us, that's not the issue. your attitude is the issue when we want your advice bout how to build an early car on a budget we'll ask for it but we are discussing something that has nothing to do with that than leave us all alone please.
  8. What attitude? Gratuitios self promotion?

  9. :nice: :nice: :nice:

  10. Historic is on a mission, and I understand where he is coming from. However the facts don't lie. You don't have to feel concerned when he pipes in with his ideals.

    FACT is that transferring the spring load to the lower control arm improves the front wheel rate. Replacing the stock stamped parts with tubular pieces eliminates flexing in the suspension. Adjustable ride height with the turn of a wrench, along with much improved geometery for lowered cars. This doesn't even mention that our strut rods don't flex on a bushing, but instead pivot on a rod end that won't cause any bind.

    These are the facts, they are undisputed.

    You can go fast around corners by applying Historics methods and 1960's hardware. You can go faster, safer, around corners with 2004 technology and hardware. If this wasn't the case, then the NASCAR boys would all be running coil springs, on top of upper control arms, stamped out of mild steel.

    So there really is no argument...you want to go fast on a budget, give Historic a ring. You want to drive past his car on the track...call us, Global West, Griggs, or Total Control Products.


  11. Now that was just well said. I think he was referring to the unsolicited info that was bothersom.
  12. I understand, and it can be. I was just trying to put the facts out there, so maybe in his own mind(bnickle's), he would feel a little vindicated.

    We all need that from time to time. :D

  13. Still, unless you're racing the car - expensive mods are just for fun. And drag racing doesn't require a new front suspension. :D

    I can see both sides, I just think it is important to recognize that nobody NEEDS to put in an aftermarket suspension. It's just another fun modification to do. Sometimes when a poster seems to think that he needs Griggs for a street driven car, and the poster seems a little inexperienced to me... I feel compelled to mention these facts.

    Only the best interests of the poster in my mind. I have nothing to gain either way, other than feeling like maybe I helped someone.

    Have a great day! :flag:
  14. I am sure this will win me a lot a friends here, but:

    I appreciate Historic’s post; they are frequently informative, and well spoken. Correct me if I am wrong but his car wins races too. That is the kind of reply I would want, if I asked about suspension.

    I got no dog in the fight, and do not know what seems to be the cause of the friction, but I can’t think of an instance in which I’d consider someone telling me how to accomplish a similar goal, while spending less money undesireable. Not throwing the maximum possible amount of money at the car does not equal “budget” that equals responsible spending.

    In addition, it is possible to disagree with some one, even seriously disagree, and still keep it civil. I used to disagree with Sean when I had a 5.0, he was clearly a GT40p head advocate, and I clearly was not. We both respected each other’s position, and accepted that each had valid points. If some one asked a head question, we would both offer our opinions. Neither of us every found it warranted to ask the other to “butt out” because we were both comfortable enough with our positions that we felt the debate was beneficial to giving each poster the information to make the decision about what was the right head for them. Lots of them chose GT40p’s lots of them did not.

    Now I know a little about suspension, but I know quite a bit about unit bodies, and can say with some certainly that tying the strongest possible suspension components to what is certainly one of the weakest unit bodies ever constructed (particularly a 40 year old example) might not be the soundest decision to make. In fact, sport bikes are in many cases trying to design some components with less stiffness to improve handling.

  15. I have no dog in the fight either. I do appreciate Historics ideas and views as well and being a bit of a cheap bastard with a cruiser, I fully expect that I will look forward to trying out some of his tips for myself, however, I also know the difference between the time and place for something. A regular newbie asking suspension questions has every right to hear about the new stuff that is out there and the fact that he may not need it. By giving him all the info we perform a service and allow him to make the best informed choice out there, that is the right place at the right time. A post by long time members specifically discussing new school only and trying to ascertain who is and who isn't better is not the right time or place at all, you have no shot at converting them so all you are doing is agravating them.

    Basically you are playing the part of a Jehovah witness in my eyes when you insist on posting your theory's (and provens) into a thread that has 0 interest in it. And you know who those folks are by now because you have been down this road before as you say. For all I know the Jehovah's may very well be on the right track and have more answers than I even have questions too, but because they insist on knocking on my door early every Sunday their voice will probably never be heard by me. For all I know I might be missing out on salvation itself, and if so then their methods of getting the point across are now doing a great diservice to me, them and everything they believe in as opposed to helping those who need it the most, which is the whole point to begin with. I know where they are, I know who they are and when I am in need I know who to go to so they need not seek me out anymore unless they want to continue to push me further and further away from understanding.
  16. Those of you who have been around long enough may remember the "baggage" that Historic showed up here with. He was well know on other forums. That is until they got tired of the soap box. To each his own, but just don't try to pannhandle your wares off on me unless I specifically ask for them.
  17. Actually Hack, next chance you get, go for a ride in a Mustang with coil over front suspension. It makes a BIG difference in the way the car drives, and handles.

    To get an old Mustang to have a nice lowered stance, and handle well, requires cutting your coil springs, and almost all Stangs need higher rate coils to stiffen the front up.

    In short, your ride quality goes WAY down hill. With the coil over, you have adjustable ride hieght, AND the ride quality doesn't change.

    My car right now is sitting with the fender lip about 1/4 of an inch off the tire, and I still have 3 inches of uptravel, along with ideal spring rates. In short, it's slammed, and it will ride like it's not.

    See I have NO problem with people doing whatever they want to do. A bunch of folks could care less if their cars ride hard. In fact some people probably dig it.

    Please know I am not trying to flame anyone here. I just want the facts to be known, and that's all.

  18. I'm not trying to make any waves here, but I'm curious why this thread deviated to a "I agree/respect/want vs disagree/don't respect/do not want Historic's opinion in threads' topic?

    As I see it, he mentioned that he would not be lurking the site for awhile while he devoted time to a memorial - a memorial with '60's racing heritage. And considering most of us here are in cars that were 'born' in that day and age, I can understand his desire to participate.

    So, for what it's worth (and back on topic to boot) thanks for the heads up Historic! Keep us up to date with how it all turns out. I'm certain it holds meaning for you, those involved with the memorial and possibly even some on this board.

    Here's to keeping the memory alive!
  19. i think several people have hit the nail on the head with waht i was trying to say. i do respect historics opinion on how to make the early cars handle well without spending a lot of cash. my whole point wast that there are times when we are discussing things that have nothing to do with not spending a lot of cash or using the stock pieces. i don't have a problem with him posting in a general thread about how to make a car handle better, it's when we are discussing coil over suspensions, rack and pinions, 4 link rear setups, tubular control arms, suspesion geometry etc. where all he is doing is irritating the people that are looking for info about certain things that are not even related to what he does with his car. i don't go around telling people that want to do a shelby drop or install differnt springs that you have to spend a lot of money to really get the car to handle, but if we are dicussing any of the things i mentioned above and he comes in spouts off that you don't need to do these things and he can prove it because he has the fastest early "rocket ship" in the AI series, that's just inacceptable to me. andi know i'm not the only one who feels this way either
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