Fox History Of My '88 Vert "timeline"

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  1. Today I found an old pic of my '88 taken the day we bought it new in December 1988. So, I gathered a few pics together to show some of the changes that have taken place over the years. It stayed pretty much stock until 2000 or so.
    Dec 1988 Brand New "Pardon the wife" It was her daily driver for years. lol
    2002 out for its first car show after a major renovation. Note the era correct big wing, Cobra R's and LX taillights.
    2006 Beating the fool out of it at Little Talladega with my newly installed '93 cobra replica's. (They make you remove the centercaps to run on that track)

    And, today.
    We've had alot of fun with this car over the years.
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  2. She's a beaut!
  3. Nice, it's great to have such a history with a car.
  4. LOL My wife got two speeding tickets in it the first Year we had it.
  5. Good amount of history right there. Cool to see that you've owned the car for so long and taken such good care of it.
  6. All cars should be so lucky.
  7. I've also owned my vert since it was new. From what I've been reading on here it seems much easier to maintain a car you've owned from the get go, and keep it in decent shape over the long haul, than it is to try and restore one that hasn't been looked after during it's life.

    My wife didn't realize that she also married the car when she married me ;) I remember her looking at it sitting in the garage shortly after we first met, wondering what that thing was for. As I told her.. Women come and go, but the car's still here. But I also remember the first time we went for a ride with the top down, and the "o.k. I get it" look on her face. It's pretty much when I knew she was a keeper.. (the wife.. not the car.. we knew the car was a keeper..) :nice:
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  8. Just found this old Polaroid. This was around '90-91-92 , I can't be sure. I had decided that I liked the two tone Titanium bottom GT's so I painted it. It stayed this way until I repainted the car in 2002.

    The day we bought this car it was around 35ish degrees outside. We rode around all weekend with the top down showing all our friends and family. LOL

    I agree its much easier to maintain a car from the beginning. Its been a great car and I know every nut and bolt on it.
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  9. But the question is, do you still have the wife?
    It's easy to keep a car around a long time. Now women on the other hand...
  10. Yeh, the crazy woman is still with me. Not sure why? But who am I to question such things! Among other things a saving grace is that the vert is a 5 speed, and she can't drive one.
  11. Those turbine wheels were the :poo: back then. Bought my 87 vert new and had it until 2002. Found it again last year and offered to buy it from the now 3rd owner- They guy I sold it to in 2002 sold it to him on Evay for around $7k. Not only did the guy hack it up, but then tried to say he needed $16k if I wanted to buy it. Three months after he bought it. lol He was spouting off all these things done to the car which I did before he owned it. When I asked him specifics about the car, he had no clue. I told him for $16k he can keep it and Karma is a ****.
  12. That is a cool story.
  13. Yes, my wife and I are still happily married. Will be 30 years this coming August.

    I should have mentioned this in the first post but we bought our vert from Crown Ford in Roswell Ga. We paid a whopping $17,800 for it. Traded in a '87 Renault Alliance GTA for it. That too was neat little car back in the day. Only had it one year but it had alot of issues.
  14. thats great you still have car and wife. cool pics
  15. Where did you get the Cobra replicas? I just picked up a 93 cobra but it has cobra rs on it.
  16. Late Model Restoration. They are nice wheels for the money.
  17. Had a couple of pretty nice days last week so I got it out for some early spring cleaning. IMG_20140311_160645_969-1.jpg IMG_20140311_160741_173-1-1.jpg
  18. its great to have a car this long. my 89 vert was my first new car, 225k miles later, we've been up to canada down to charleston sc and all over from NC. I get behind the wheel now on a pretty day drop the top and grin cause there's a ton of stories, some of which our now young adult kids will never learn ;) glad there are others in the lifetime car club!!
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