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  1. Parking lot misfortune. Long story short, while door was open to put bags in the back seat, Woman driver (explicit here) hit my door. Door won't close and she is now sitting in my garage awaiting insurance company. Sucks because it was such a nice day.

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  2. That blows. Don't mess with it. It will just turn a bad door into a bad fender too.

  3. fender already jacked as is door. Its bent, won't close, window won't close. Door is f'ed and I need another one. Are the door hinges that attach to the body of the car replaceable?
  4. have the car towed to a body shop . I would remove the fender first, then look at the damage underneath. That door def is pushed in and the fender to hood gap looks like the fender is now pushed in. The door hinges

    Sorry man about that. More bad news. I don't know of anyone that sells repop hinges, as they are welded into the body. Best bet is to either repair the existing ones, or cut them out and get ones from a JY fox body.
  5. x1billion. I hope you got her insurance info. I also hope you have an adjusted policy. most insurance companies wont cover or cars for chit.
  6. Sorry for your bad luck! Let us know how you make out with getting it fixed!
  7. One more thing. Make sure you tell the body shop to use factory or equivalent parts including any sheetmetal. Often, they try and cheap out by using knockoff crap that doesn't fit right and doesn't hold up as long.
  8. I am recovering parts as we speak... I will be getting all good factory used pieces. I got a quote from a body shop that does my buddies paint work (g00d work) about 2500 buck for the color I want. This includes pulling my multiple dings out, refitting fenders/doors/new trunk, and original Deep Jewel Green paint. Just gotta make sure the insurance company does what I want them too.
  9. Looks like I will be starting a "build" thread!!!
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