Hitech Stage Ii Cam Install

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Jrod0985, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Can anybody recommend somebody in the Birmingham, AL area that does Cam installs. I purchased a set of Hitech Stage II cams and the one estimate I've received was $800.00-1000.00. Currently buying my first house and close in August so that's not in the budget..haha......Thanks
  2. do it yourself. it really isnt all that difficult. you have 2 options, you can get the anderson ford motorsports cam chain holding tool... if you do it this way, all you have to do is remove your valve covers, wedge the tool between the chain and the tensioner arm, remove the bolt in the front of the cam, remove the cam caps, pull the cams from the sprockets, install the new cams in the same sprockets, and put it back together... granted this way doesnt degree your cams... but its a fairly simple process and you probably wont run in to any ptv issues. i would suggest if you do this, turn the motor over by hand first to verify nothing is hitting. im pretty sure there is a youtube of it.


    remove the valve covers and front timing cover and do it right... it takes alot more time, but you can degree them, and you can put eyes on your timing set to make sure everything is still in good working order. also, if you happen to have pressed on cam gears, this is your only option. good luck.
  3. Aren't the bolts on the cam gear torque to yield bolts?