35th Anniv Hmm...to Halo or not to Halo....

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  1. ...halo headrests that is ;)

    Undecided if these would be a cool addition or not. Always liked these on Mustangs especially 'verts.
    Now the other challenge is getting a dye to match the LE seats! Ordered up the "99-00 Dark Charcoal" vinyl dye from Late Model Resto...no good...waaay too light!
    Emailing Nathan from LMR back and forth about getting the right color. he's stumped. Checked the SEM catalog & tried their 17083 Dark Charcoal in their Classic Coat line (this is a Ford color)
    Still no good....darker than the LMR but still too light.
    These seat colors are not black either. Looking at the pic I painted them a combination of the SEM 17083 and their Landau Black...still wrong.

    Maybe I should just "leave it alone" with the stock headrests!! :D

  2. I too hate the stock headrests, I have seen the halo headrests and know they fit, but my mind tells me they are the wrong era. So I am not crazy about them. I do have my eyes out for a set of Mach 1 headrests which are much larger from 03-04, and i understand they are a direct replacement. So thats the route i plan to go.

    I was just telling my wife the other day that i hope i dont get rearended in this car as there is no support in these seats.
  3. I don't like the short stock headrests either, but its not as noticable in coupes as vert's. I love the halos, but I'm like eyespy, they will always be a fox body era look. However the seat do need some additional height.
    The mach's would help.

    You could always paint the halos silver.....:ban:


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  4. Those are hideous, sorry. Get the newer mach 1 head rests or 03/04 cobra ones.
  5. Ha Jason, no silver for me! have you heard my Magnaflow's? nothing rice about it baby!! ;)

    Never noticed the Mach1 or Cobra headrests being different...will have to look into it now