Hmmm, strange, GT500KR possibly?

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  1. O.K., help me out here somebody...

    I've had a GT500 on-order for.... well, FOREVER. My initial order confirmation with my dealer was 4/27/2006. That's what you get by being offered an MSRP deal I suppose, you wait 'till your turn on the totem pole..

    Anyhow, no worries about that, I could care less when the car comes (never did understand the folks who had to have the car "yesterday", and were willing to fork over gee-gobs of money to realize it..).

    Here's the kicker though... Today, my salesman emails me that the car has finally had a VIN# assigned, and is scheduled for build. O.K., so I email him back to see if he has any dates, and he replies with this:

    "The ETA to Shelby is 05/03 then another 8-10 weeks for him to do the Shelby upgrade.
    Hopefully they will expedite the delivery. Shelby is also producing the Shelby GT in 300 HP also."

    Huh?? Shelby doesn't do ANYTHING to the GT500, the GT500 is a factory car... So I call up my guy to discuss what the f*** is going on, and he confirms that the car is slated for delivery to Shelby American in 'Vegas. So now I'm rubbing my chin, and wondering aloud, "after having my order pending for so damn long... has my order been tossed in and included in the 1,000-unit GT500KR build, which IS INDEED being accomplished by shipping finished cars to Shelby for completion??"

    So I bounced that off my salesman, and he's going to try to find out what the full-skinny is on this. Also, if my suspicion is correct, what the heck am I in for regarding price? I know that they'll honor our MSRP agreement, I'm not worried about that, but I have no idea what premium these KR's will have above the standard 500. Not that I won't pay, I'm just totally in the dark. My only down-side would be that I think the wheels on the concept photos I've seen are gawdawful silly looking.

    Anyhow, any thoughts? I'm right in that the regular GT500 production DOES NOT go to Shelby for anything, right?

    This forum is so damn dead, I hope somebody is still paying attention..
  2. Yup, Shelby doesn't touch the GT500s.

    IF you're on the KR list, I expect MSRP to be $15+ over a normal GT500. Easy.
  3. i guess i'm the pestimest and I would be screaming from the top of my lungs so that i wouldn't have gotten mistaken for a shelby gt:shrug:

    I don't want to rain on your parade, i really hope you get the KR:hail2: but i think we all know the heart aches of the gt500 story.

    best of luck
  4. and yes it is dead on this form i check it from time to time, and kind of boycot posting here as my little silent protest against the lack of availiblity of gt500's.

    Not trying to be a hater, sometimes the lack of words speek the loudest:flag:

  5. False alarm, dealer purchasing goof providing half-ass information. My car is not drop-shipping to Shelby. Sorry for wasting the bandwidth...
  6. How would protesting against a Message Board help the cause? :canada:
  7. Sounds to me like what happened was, your car came in and some guy bought it for a higher price than you offered so they had to order a new one and he came up with some half ass story to keep you on the line and try and get you to buy a different car (the shelby GT) so he could rape you on that. The story about the Shelby going to Vegas is BS. Or maybe he even ordered the wrong car and thought you wanted a stock GT which is made in Vegas.
  8. I don't want to hijack this post but felt compeled to clarify. Maybe not so much protesting,,, maybe just pointing out the fact (yes i'm beating a dead horse) because there are no mass gt500's being driven on the roads there is no mass of people wanting to talk about. Other then the occasional goof like me who just wants to piss and moan a bit.

    damn canadians ... lol ...:D
  9. No, no... They were just confused... The car is due 5/03 according to their information, and they've got the misinformation cleared-up... It's not a large dealership, they've only been able to acquire and sell two GT500's prior to mine, and they were both totally different than my order-spec..

    It's all cleared up...
  10. I read on another forum that the MSRP for the KR is expected to be $65K.

  11. That right there would be enough to push me over the edge to the rarer, more exclusive S281 Extreme... Especially considering the "usual suspects" will be paying premiums above and beyond for the car...

    The mystique with the name Shelby is getting crazy, to the point that it's not about the actual hardware (the cars), but about the perceived prestige and bragging rights of owning a hot-ticket-thing.

    It's like the Pet Rock, times 10,000....
  12. Goodluck I hope you are in line for a GT500KR, but I would be very surprised if that is the case. Infact I would bet it is a stall tactic. Hope so for you though.