Hmmm what mufflers to get?

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  1. Ok guys I've got an '88 notch, 306, E-303 cam, and more...But anyways, going on to exhaust options...Right now I'm running Hooker Super Comp shorty headers, to a BBK Offroad H-Pipe, and Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers...I'm switching to an Offroad X-Pipe and also swapping out the mufflers...Damn dynomax's are just too quiet and sound like a tractor at high RPM's...I like loud, but not open header insane loud...A nice tone might be nice also...I was gonna take my tail pipes off and do Flowmaster Super 40's dumped...Any suggestions on different mufflers? I would go with Borla XR1's, but way too expensive. Taking any suggestions, thanks. Also wondering if there is any difference between the Super 40's and Super 44's? I've been told the new ones are no different or even more quiet.
  2. flows bro flows..... 2 chamber flowmasters,, ive had mac,i had warlocks,, flows and currently have bassani which their qulity is mint ,, but the sound man the sound,,,,, i might go back to flowmasters and my exhuats is allll bassani from headers to tailpipe but that flowmaster sound baby... and donttt do dumps i hate that get nice 3 inch chrome tailpipes and adapt them onnto yor 2.5 mufflers i love the tailpipes on stangs dude
  3. It has to do a lot with your personal preference. The dumps have grown on me, as I used to not like them, its gives some what of an unkown factor. I have shorty headers, catless h-pipe, slp loudmouth mufflers, e-cam.. and the list goes on. But it has a really aggressive sound through all rpm ranges. I have it idling right a 950rpms and it has a really nice lopey idle. Also, everyone, atleast around here, has flows so its somewhat of an original sound. I def. get a lot of compliments on its sound.
  4. i have a stock engine but i have added MAC 1 3/4 shorty's and an offroad H pipe that goes from 2.5 at the headers down to the crossover pipe then into 3 inch pipe back to 2 chamber Flows with turndowns...sounds really good to me
  5. Magnaflows w/ O/R X FTW :nice:
  6. stock engine, MAC shorties, BBK catted H, Flows, sounds pretty good, probably would be enough with a cat, but I think it could sound more aggressive.
  7. Pypes Violators Mufflers
  8. X 4653745837685097679757.99!!! :hail2:
  9. The Flowmaster catbacks suck... :notnice: My Capri says so...
  10. +1

    Yeah, they're great if you like drone, and want to sound like everyone else out there. :shrug:
  11. my money is on violators or slp....thats what im stuck between.....
  12. The Dynomax bullets with tailpipes sounds pretty damn good. You must have the regular mufflers. The bullets are loud.
  13. I like the pypes violators, I just put those on my car. They sound good, flow good, and their cheap! Heres a video with pypes on my car. Good luck.
  14. Ive got the super 44's on my car. Sounds real good, to me anyway. I bought them because they are pretty small and compact and tuck up under their nicely.
    Those pypes mufflers sound good, but different. Id like to hear them in person.
  15. +1 on the dumped bullets, 2 1/2 inch o/r H pipe and Bullets sound great ( I think the X cam helps a bit too )
  16. bently429- Man your car sounds good! It especially sounds strong in the second vid with the rev!
  17. spintech pro's baby!!!
  18. My main gripe is how it fits. :(