Holley fast idle adjustment

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  1. I'm just know thinking of starting to drive my II. I have the 302 with a Holley 600 vac sec carb with electric choke. My problem is when I cold start it, the butterfly closes properly but the idle doesn't kick-up like it should so I have to stay in it to keep the idle up. From what I have been able to find so far cold and operating properly the fast idle circuit should bump the rpms up into the 1500-2000 range until you blip the throttle after it's warm. The electric choke mechanism seams to work properly, butterfly closed when cold then opens fully when warmed up. So I'm guessin the fast idle is out of adjustment, since i have to pull the carb to get to the fast idle screw can anybody pass on any wisdom on the proper setting.
  2. you dont have to pull the carb to adjust it.on the passenger side there is a cam that is attached to the choke linkage.there is a screw that rides on this cam.that is the adjustment.just screw it in a little and see how high it reves with the choke closed and take it from there
  3. You are depressing the throttle completely once before starting the car.?

    When you do does the high idle cam drop into position?
  4. Thanks guys, everything is working properly now.

  5. And the fix was ... ?????
  6. Wart both you and 75stang302 helped. 75stang302 for the adjustment advice, an you for how to operate it properly. I thank you both.