holley smooth no ping idle but try to maintain anything over 30

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  1. 302sbf d80eheads stock 4vsquarebore itake c4 at rv cam
    holley 1460 66 main jets and 27 idle vacume secondary's stock
    have idle set to 900 750 in gear no pinging 10btc idles smooth and acellerates good
    wile trying to maintain a constat speed from any were from 30 -60+ it stumbles bucks and occasionally farts down the pipes it acellerates but wont maintain a constant speed
    have set timing to 6btc like the book says and up to 16btc
    15-18hg manifold vacume weather permit en
    ive done the 1/2 hg pv from 4.5 to 7.5 my manifold never drops to any thing close to half
    ive adjusted the transfer slot from.0 to .030 no change other than high idle
    changed acelerater pump locations
    :bang:i just wana cruise
  2. What is your ignition set up? LOTS of ignition issues are miss-diagnosed as carb problems. Also, "farts down the tail pipes", while going down the road, does not sound good. How old is your timing gear set? Recent cam change? Is the rpm consistent with the exhaust noise? I had a similar problem after I put on my Edelbrock heads. Somehow I lost a lobe on the cam...
  3. i am thinking you need a bit more main jet, something like 72s. i would also look for vacuum leaks.
  4. What do your plugs look like?
  5. Check your distributor... for loose inards and shaft play.
  6. TURNS OUT MY POINTS WERE AT .OO5 my distrbutor knoledge was blinker fluid but now its advanced:banana:
  7. Glad to hear you fixed it!