Roush Hollywood Edition Saleen?

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  1. I have seen a few hollywood edition Saleens on ebay for sale. Claiming to be 1 of 40 or 50 made? Whats the deal with these cars? Are they just S281SC's?
  2. It's a special edition from Saleen based on the Hollywood Homicide movie with Josh Hartnett and Harrison Ford. Few things I can think of are 281e rear wing, center exhaust, and painted window switch panels.

    Hollywood Homicide, which opens this Friday, is the latest film to star an icon Ford vehicle: the 2003 Ford Saleen S281 Supercharged Mustang. Ford and Saleen are making a special Hollywood Homicide edition of this vehicle, starting at about $33,000. The film also stars Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett as two LAPD detectives, who would make Steve McQueen proud in their handling of the film’s high-action chase scenes. The Hollywood Homicideedition Mustang is equipped with a 4.6L 2V 375 horsepower engine, “powerflash” performance calibration and all the special touches of Saleen “air management” design – including louvered side scoops, a rear wing and blacked-out front grille treatment. Movie fans will enjoy the special Hollywood Homicide graphics and identification.


  3. the ones on ebay are the burgandy red color and they are on the 2 Fast 2 Furious movie....There are two hollywood editions?
  4. Yes, there were two Hollywood Edition cars. Both movies opened the same year. Like the Silver vert, the coupe has the S351 wing and center exhaust. The “Saleen” lettering on the doors is more prominent (larger) than on non H.H. edition cars. I know the actual cars used in the movie were painted Lizstick Red, a custom and beautiful Saleen color. I am not sure if the 2F2F edition cars came with that pricey detail, though.
  5. More info on the 2F2F Saleen: