*HOLY $HIT* Tonight on TV!!!!

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    Fast Forward Fast Back

    Ace designer and hot rod builder Troy Trepanier turns a 1976 Mustang into a one-of-a-kind muscle car. Explore the long and tantalizing history of this Ford classic as an American icon that inspires hot rod builders around the world.

    The above was copied from: TLC page

    This is on 9PM EST on TLC!!!

  2. Dud, how the hel did you find that? I'm there!! i hope i remember!!!!!!!!

  3. :nonono: You call me a "DUD" again and you and I are going to have problems! :jester:


  4. err...Freudian slip i guess :rolleyes:. see that, you got me so dam excited, i musta missed the "E"! :D
  5. Its a mistake guys... it should be 1967 Mustang not 1976 Mustang. I imagine the website will get reamed with e-mails on that error. The FastForward Fastback was sponsored by e-bay. You can find the whole story on this car here:

  6. Bastards!! :fuss:
  7. definatly a mistake

    Yeah its definatly a mistake because I have a poster of the FastForward Fastback on my wall. Would be nice to see a segement on the ll though. I'm sure everyone in the forums would probably Rec it.
  8. YUP, definitely! on SP mode yet!!!! :D XP on DVD!
  9. maybe they wanna do a 78 Stang. I'd almost be willing to donate mine to the cause, as long as I got it back with all of the work done to it. :)

    Somebody has to mention that....hehe
  10. After looking at the site,it looks like the car is a 69 or 70.
    But it looks GREAT! And the power plant is healthy! :nice:
  11. I have Time Warner cable and it says 76 Mustang when I go to the guide... I almost fell when I jumped up to go tell the finace, then I hopped on here and was very saddened.
  12. you are right! it is a 67!
    'scuse me. :doh:
  13. Nice!

    God I love that car. That was a great show. Its hard to beleive they did all of that in the time they were given. Them guys were young that were working on it. When I graduated highschool I was very very close to going to Wyoming Tech just like they did. Its supposed to be a great school. Obviously is judging by the quality of the work those guys did.

    Your right though somebody needs to get a hold of someone and have a rebuild on a 76-78 Mustang II. I mean look at what Carold Shelby says about his rides. Stick a big motor in a light car. I'm suprised there hasn't been a show on the MII already just cause the simalarities as far as power to weight comparasin. I think MII's should be considered a collectors item. Its not like you can get parts for em. I'm suprised there not worth more than what they are. MII is sooo under rated it makes me sick.

  14. Even Directv lists it as a 1976. I was going to record it on DVD but I guess I will pass now. I got all excited for nothing.

    BTW, it is on at midnight tonight as well.
  15. Yeah that was a big heartbreaker when I found out it wasn't a 76 Mustang. I was going to be all over it, but then I found out it was for a '67. I didn't watch it.
  16. I didn't mean to get everyone all excited. Sorry I had heard a rumor it was going to be a 76 looked up the listing and thought I would post it, only to be disappointed.

    Sorry guys....

  17. Call me a pessimist, but we should cherish the Hemmings Garage episode of My Classic Car, because that's as close as we're ever going to get to seeing a II project on TV.

    Popular (mis)perception will get any II-based project nixed by the clueless powers-that-be, unless one of us becomes very high up in the various media outlets.
  18. I used to be a fan of Troy's work, but it is the same thing over and over again. Flush mount the glass, remove all the trim, moderize the lines, new wiz-bang fuel injected engine, one-off big pimpin' wheels. In 198? It had never been seen before and it was kooooool. Now it's almost a production line. You make a domestic 196? car into a new Lexus. If I wanted to drive a new freakin' Lexus I would buy one. (assuming I had enough money to buy one).
    aaaahhhh that feels better I will get off my soap box now!
  19. There is still a lot of innovation that goes into the cars those guys build. To make an old car a piece of modern art is no small feat. A Lexus is pounded out on an assembly line and engineered on a computer from the very beginning. However you'll likely never find another car that looks or behaves the same as the customs Troy's build team puts together. I only wish that I got paid the kind of money he gets for working on cars. :-(