Holy ****ing ****! I lost to an Escort!

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  1. Well I was heading to my usual hang out spot 2 Fridays ago. I have my big
    ass 300lb+ friend with me. So I stop at a red light, and mind you this light
    takes about 4 minutes to change. I hadn't boosted in about 4 hours so I
    had an urge. I look around and see no cops and out of frustration I rev the
    engine in preperation for the light change. The light turns green, I hear tires
    chirping, I freak out and look around me and I see a green blur of an Escort
    take off from my right and go all out to the next light. Apparently he
    thought my friend looking at him and my engine revving means "Let's race."
    So I chalk that "L" up to stupidness.
  2. :nonono:

  3. hey man my friend had a 2.3 liter mustang and sold it for 500 and bought a 1.8liter escort and omfg that thing is fast. its all stock and needs a tune up and saw this 99 honda ex (i was with him) with exhuast and intake at the stop light and my friend just revs it and the honda revs and when the light turned green my friend just revved it and dumped it (same with honda reving and dumping it). the honda had a good take off but my friends escort just hangs with this honda and got like 2 inches in front of this honda. im just sitting down asking myself what the hell this escort is a nice honda beater (go ford!!).

    ahhh sooooooo funny seeing a stock escort keep up with a honda with exhuast and intake......... soooo fuuunnny.......
  4. escorts arent fast either... If escorts are fast than my truck is blazin.... My boss and I mess around after work, he has a 99 ZX2 5-speed.... And everyday we rip it out of the parking lot, except for the time it was wet and I almost spun out, he has never been able to touch my truck....

    *EDIT* - Oh yeah 96 Ranger supercab. 2.3 N/A 5-Speed 250K+ Miles (Turbo Motor is Waiting on engine stand)
  5. OUCH!! stabbed in the back by the elusive double post.... :spot:
  6. And this was a 4 door no less!
  7. Hey at least it was still a Ford, and you made the guy feel good or sumpin.
  8. It'd sure be fun to see his post on a wannabe websight talking about his clean "kill" :lol:
  9. The 1.8's are pretty quick for beaters and they can be easily turboed just like the 2.3 :nice:
  10. i read some where that the 1.9liter escorts have like 90hp and the 1.8 dohc has roughly 115-120 hp not bad for a light weight small ass car.
  11. LET IT DIE!
  12. let what die? the thread? hahahhaha