Holy ****...Look at this

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  1. Seems that a big boobed blonde likes them ... they must be cool :nice:
  2. I have to admit those are pretty cool
  3. my boss called the company to see how much they were and they said something like 15k for the rims tires and computer software to change the image
  4. ThatS almost has gay has broke back mt.

  5. The 22s are $12,500
    24s are $15,000
    26s are $19,500

    But that comes with Pirelli tires!!!! :rolleyes:

  6. Having some crackhead steal them and sell all four for $50 ..... priceless !!
  7. those are hot
  8. ima gonna put those right thur on ma gt this week yo!
  9. those are almost as stupid as the dumb ass that puts them on there car, truck or what ever POS they own...

    Obviously someone has more money than brains....

  10. hahahahahhaha I got to show my buddy this!!!! ^^^^^^^^
  11. three words for you - free **** broadcast
  12. i'd like to see em....never own them
  13. Total waste of money and they look gay as hell.:notnice:

  14. hahaha:lol:
  15. id never own them for any car or truck but if i saw t hose while i was riding down the road id be like holy **** thats awesome
  16. Comming to a Rap Video near you!!!!!!!!!!! Someone will buy them, no doubt.

    What's next....
  17. I don't believe this! I had this idea on the way back from work about a month ago and started working on it, assembly, design, etc., and I was sure it would sale. So much for that...:(
  18. wow thats gay as hell
  19. Who gives a $hit, it's gonna make a ton of money for someone