Holy **** look what I just found in my closet....

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  1. Guero was in there too, but he said hes not coming out for some reason.
  2. I liked that show as a kid, but was afraid to admit it.
  3. I wanted to ***** Kimberly, even as a little kid.

  4. +1,000,000 [​IMG]
  5. lol
    wow hahahaha yea she was hot....lol
    i used to rock the powerranger crap...i was also like 10 haha i think i might have some trading cards somewhere i need to look
  6. Go Power Rangers!!!!!!!!!:nice: :shrug:
  7. the villians they had on that show always reminded me of GWAR lol
  8. i met amy jo johnson and got an autographed photo!!!!!!!!!!! best day of my life!!!
    haha i was like 11yrs old
  9. LOL
    +1 on the GWAR
    Seeing those people in concert will change your life for the worse...... nothing like seeing defleshed male genitals squirting fluid all over a crowd......