Holy Stickers Batman!

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  1. Lol.. Thats pretty funny. :D

    Maybe he's hoping for a horsepower per sticker?
  2. And he only wants $3K
  3. ...wtf was that??!!! :rlaugh:
  4. .....sometimes I'm just shocked at what people think looks good :bang:
  5. glad he's got his sunoco fuel in there!! o_O
  6. ....and CAM2 and VP....

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  7. Lawd Have Mercy!:lol:
  8. It could definitely be a LOT worse... All those stickers could be on the OUTSIDE of the car. o_O
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  9. The car actually looks pretty clean, but you have to wonder about it with all of those hideous stickers. Funny thing is I don't believe the owner used half of the companies.
  10. Because Racecar, that's why!!!
  11. Nascar on the inside, ....straight Sleeper :cool:
  12. Its mssing the Fig Newtons stickers...
  13. i'm pretty ticked, ....the battery tray has no stickers!!!!

    that's B.S dawg finish the job :drool:
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  15. Well done! :nice:
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  16. I'm more intrigued by the swiss cheese holes made into the front bumper cover where the hood closes onto. Must've saved about .00001 lbs there
  17. It's for improved air flow across the radiator. REALLY helps when the hood is closed and covers up the holes. :scratch: Guess nobody told him about the Cobra grill insert that's been available for 10 years.