homemade turbonator

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  1. Well, I wanted to play around some. So I got me a steel can, and shears and a bar. I put this in my n/a 2.3. my intake pipe is about 3 1/2, 4 inches in diameter.

    Anyways, I just cut the can and made 6 1" snips all around the back end of it, but didnt make it big enough for it to go around the complete inside of the intake pipe. i left about an inch between each side of the can. I curved and angeled off each of the pieces I cut, and superglued it into the pipe (so no air could get under it.

    I took it for a test drive and noticed a difference in my throttle response, and acceleration. and the cool thing, it actually sounds like a turbo spooling under the hood, but my acceleration has improved a lot, and so has throttle response.

    My gas needle was just above the quarter tank mark. here I am 3 days later, and its just now right below the quarter tank mark.

    I rocketed it around and drive it around like crazy. I will take pictures and post them tonight. I think I will make some more and give them out, and if they work, maybe sell them. But ive noticed its done me a lot of good.
  2. I know it looks like crap, but it really does work. But this is just a prototype. I see that it works, and not im machining a real one, and by being able to angle the "blades" you can adjust the spiral of the vortex, but like i said, its just a prototype.

    but here are the pictures..


    and 2

    sorry about the bad angles, but its centered in there.

    and i just got done repainting my 10 holes and felt like whoring a shot..

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  3. that "Turbonator" seriously works? it looks like a sharks mouth or somethin.

  4. its a prototype!, the next one im making will be shorter. But yes its seeming to work just fine. if im not gaining hp, im sure making up for it with gas mileage. but like i said, i have a much better throtle response, and my acceleration is a bit faster. i will find a dyno and get some results.
  5. :lol: sign me up for ten!
  6. ur laughing, but i dont care. I can see and feel the difference :D
  7. Placebo. There is no way you can feel the difference. Just my .02
  8. looks like more of a restriction then anything else. :shrug:

  9. Ok so if any of us wants to try this ourselves, what should we do?, just get a can and cut it so that we can angle some "blades" then secure it inside our intake system somewhere? and when u say it sounds like a turbo spooling is that an exaggeration, or do u just hear the whistling of the wind thro the can?
  10. Looks like someone ate thier chunky soup :nice:
  11. i just tried mine, and every once in a while it did seem to have a SLIGHTLY higher kick, but otherwise all it did was quite down my intake, and prevent more air from getting in., maybe i didnt make it right ill take some pics later tonight and post
  12. you guys are taking this too far.

    1st off, i said it was a prototype!
    i was sick of having to gas up every 5 days, so i was really testing out the "tornado theory". I have better gas mileage, ive tested that. i said earlier i didnt know about the hp gain, but i had a better throttle response. and could feel a little better accel.

    i never said it was a perfect product. the noise was the air hitting the thing, i could clearly hear that, thats why i said it sounded like a turbo charger, and i didnt just use an alluminum can, its steel. and i never said the thing was perfect, look at how off my bends are.