Honest Opinions, Cheezy..Ricey..Cool..or what?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by WhiteHot00, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. This took alot of trial and error. I've got it as good as it's going to get.

    I had a dvd player in that slot but removed it. This is what I came up with to fill the spot. I was just going to make a flat panel to mount a couple switches.
    Just wanted something original that looked good at the same time.

    I have a light mounted (the assembly itself is not visible) inside the tray I made so that at night it's glowing blue, to match my guages that light up blue and the pioneer LCD screen that lights up blue as well.

    I haven't seen this before and am not sure if anyone is making anything like this. I wanted it to be one off.

    The only thing I'm trying to improve on is the detail of the horse. It's just hard to cut out detail in the vinyl with a scissors. the material is to thick for a razor.

    So.....whatcha think??http://f1.pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/hotstang46/detail?.dir=/stang&.dnm=Dscn0182.jpg
  2. Never could figure out why people put tv's/dvd/video games in cars. The concept is cool, the horse looks cheesy.

    just my opinion
  3. If you guys think it's cheezy any suggestions as to what you think might look better. I was also thinking about maybe cutting out a GT or MUSTANG to go there. Think anything I do is going to be cheezy? :shrug:
  4. I'd buy a running horse for a classic Mustangs grill, or something. They come chrome, but maybe paint it, and mount it, or glue it it or something over that cut out one. Easy much better fix. The rest is cool. :nice:

    Or consider scrapping that idea, and mount some gauges down there -:shrug:
  5. How about some gauges there?
  6. [​IMG]

    Can you leave it open like a CD storage or something.. :shrug:
  7. It just looks kinda Autozoneish -
  8. i dont like it :shrug:
  9. sorry to say but the white interior pieces and the body kit and tail lights are a bit ricey
  10. You should either buy the pocket thing to go there, or put guages there, just looks kinda gayish.
  11. hey hotwhite00 let me save you some time and just tell you to go buy yourself a honda civic. That looks like a ricer interior to me. Later
  12. i thought of a cool idea. are any of those in car screens touch screens? i ask because the ford factory scan tool runs on windows 95 and is a 17inch LCD touch screen. it would be pretty cool to put a computer on the car and be able to access the WDS with a screne like that for real time monitering. it might be overkill for a street car, but if you have a track car than it might be good for data gathering.

    the inter does look a little ricey, but if he likes it than its alright. a lot of people here probably wouldnt do it to their stangs. an idea for the horse is to either get rid of all of it, or get a mustang grill insert and trace that. the potential is definately there.
  13. If you do a search in the show and shine section there was acouple of guys that did something like that, but they used plexi-glass and painted it dark, just leaving a silotte of the running horse. They had also mounted a light behind it.
  14. what about just covering the whole thing with duct tape...that be sweet, something for the neon to reflect off of. Or you could go with some of that halographic reflective tape.. Sorry to give you **** but I dont like it that much. doesnt best buy have some filler piece, crutchfield has to have something, this is a common problem with aftermarket all in one units
  15. Oh Lord.... :stick:
  16. It looks just OK, but I would mount some gauges.
  17. I like the mounted running horse Idea or gauges. But ditch the clears :nice:

    I like the white interior, don't take he comments harshly, o and solobaric l7's rock!
  18. I like it :nice: Who cares what other people think though. Its your stang, do it up your way :)