Honest Opinions, Cheezy..Ricey..Cool..or what?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by WhiteHot00, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. you could mount a cd changer
  2. I never understood the concept of the TV in a car. Maybe a van or something, but a Mustang? It's kind of hard to watch TV and drive at the same time. It's your car though, do what you want.
  3. This one looks much better. IMO, the other one especially with those tail lights associated with the car is ricey - sorry.
  4. your trunk looks awesome
  5. Damn, thats actualy quite nice. If sombody tried to explain that concept to me i would be like yuk! :notnice: But the pictures gives you a good idea and it loos clean as hell. Good job! :nice:
  6. i think the trunk is tight, i personally like the bodykit and tail-lights. although it doesnt appeal to the masses i like when people do things different than what everyone else is doing. i dont think alteeza's make a car ricey i think a 6 foot high aluminum spoiler and stickers all on it would be ricey i think outside looks good. The white interior isnt really my bag but if u like it its all that matters, the screen is cool-i kinda always wanted one in my stang but i probably would throw in some **** and end up wrecking my car lol. i would say take a running pony grill emblem and paint it white if you want and put there. i think u have a novel idea it just takes time to make it look its best. You live in aurora whitehot00? North Carolina? I live not too far from you. Get back to me.

  7. You don't deserve a stang....damn ricer... :mad:
  8. I would swap the CD player and your homemade cover... :shrug:
  9. Why don't you lighten up a little...it's his car. :stick:
  10. I wish I could get a dvd/mp3/cd player for my car but that way to much money for me, it cost about 1000-1500 right? But if I had that kind of cash to blow I would get one. I think you should take everyone elses advice and put come gauges in the empty area or may just leave it for extra storage.
  11. you guys are being way too harsh on him. If you think his is bad, look at this link http://www.xtremestangs.com/RickySample.html that is the ultimate in rice. he has a kit that makes it look like a civic. but then again, you know its a mustang because he has decals allover his car. at least whitehot00 is trying to make his car more presentable and being creative in his own expressive way. IMO, the only thing i would lose is the tail lights, but besides that i think he is on the right track at least to haveing a nice looking stang.

    (I would also swap out the v6 for a blown v8. you cant go all show and no go...you have to at least be able to beat a civic if you are gonna make it "look" fast.)
  12. Another vote here for Slapyo's suggestion! :nice: for effort, but the running horse in that links looks :nice: :nice: .
  13. wouldn't the lcd screen be for the passenger? my friend had an lcd screen in his car, and it was pretty entertaining to play xbox while we went somewhere. Anyways, you should do what you want with your stang, and i think it would look better with the glowing blue anyway, post some night shots!

  14. I think it looks pretty good, but the horse needs some work.
  15. edcar01Gt, who the hell are you to tell someone what he or she deserves?With an attitude like that, YOU dont deserve a stang. Its people like you who ruin others ideas for no reason. Get a life.
  16. Hey White,

    First its your car...set it up the way you like :)

    but you did ask opinions...first Love the system in truck nice setup.

    As for the interior in a car audio show I guess the white interior is in vogue, so its okay. but the pony is a little weak, its not too shrap around the edges, the body kit is just not my thing, they never seem to age well, after a few year they seem to fall apart.

    Again...it is your car, so fix the way YOU like.
  17. The DVD looks fine. I just never really liked the exhaust coming through the ground effects.
  18. I think the interior looks fine.