35th Anniv Hood Gas Shocks Group Purchase

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  1. Get rid of your Hood Prop Today!

    Okay guys, I am starting up a Group Purchase for Redline Turning Hood Quick Lift Kits. You say what are these Travis? Well you know that some cars have a wonderful gas shock to lift the hood. Well Most Ford vehicles do not have these. They put that wonderful Hood prop so that when you are working on the car you have to work around it!

    These are not just for Mustangs but also for Focus, Escort, Cavaliers, Neon, Sunfire, Contour, Honda Civic, Mercury Cougar and Mazda Tribute!

    The group purchase is easy as pie! What it will be is that a secure url will be setup that you will be able to go to and purchase the items for the preset amount.

    When the group purchase is over your credit card will be charged the correct amount for the amount that we have ordered and for the shipping amount.

    The amount of people will determine the final cost so here is the breakdown and at any time just email me or IM me for the current confirmed amount of people!

    QTY 1-9 $59.95 any Redline Tuning Quick-Lift kit + shipping
    QTY 10-19 $54.95 any Redline Tuning Quick-Lift kit + shipping
    QTY 20-29 $49.95 any Redline Tuning Quick-Lift kit + shipping
    QTY 30+ $47.95 any Redline Tuning Quick-Lift kit + shipping

    You can view the products and instruction manuals at www.redlinetuning.com . The group purchase will include all kits for all models of cars but will not include the Elite kit that is offered! If you own a 99+ Mustang and wish to have black powder coated brackets well that is offered at an additional $10 dollar price.

    So if you are interested in knowing how much the group rates are or any other information, please contact me at [email protected] , MSN Messenger at [email protected] or AOL IM Pinsonmedic.

    The more people we have the better the prices!

    So tell you friends your loved ones and lets make this a great buy! I will be taking email and IM with interest until the 21st of May then at that time the url will be setup!

    Thanks guys, look forward to talking with you,

    Travis P. aka LsRedy2kstang

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