Hood is stuck closed


New Member
Jul 3, 2013
Hello! I have a 99 mustang and the hood won't open. I've tried reaching up from underneath the car and pulling the entire black cable down. I've also tried feeling with my fingers for a latch to release, but I can't see anything. Does anyone have pictures of how the cable connects the latch release mechanism on a 99? I can't see anything from underneath the car to understand what needs released.

This post is kind of helpful, but my 99 has a big honeycomb front grill in the way: https://www.stangnet.com/mustang-fo...stuck-w-hood-closed-help.836517/#post-8423676

I also don't want to bend and break the plastic as it looks like they did in that picture.

The one thing I haven't tried is taking the handle off the hood release knob in the inside and pulling the entire cable assembly. I'll try that tomorrow...


Thanks for any ideas!
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