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  1. I just picked up a 4" fiberglass cowl induction hood for my Fox. for those of you using hood pins, can I get away with just two up front or will I need two more in the back as well?
  2. Is it a lift off hood or bolts to the hinges? If using the hinges, then you are fine with the front 2 pins as well as the stock latch.
  3. Looks as if its supposed to use the stock latch and hinges. But I got it used and its not in great shape. I do not plan on using the factory latch or hinges.

    I'm pretty sure ill have to use 4 pins if I don't use the rear hinges. I was just curious if anyone has gotten away with just 2 well places pins.
  4. yes. as long as the rear uses the factory hinges and they are in good shape, again you will be fine. Here is a pic of how mine looks with the front two pins.

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  5. i'm running factory hinges and two front pins. no latch
  6. You guys ever have problems with people stealing your pins?
  7. I used to park my car on the street for about a year. Every once in a while I would park in front of our garage because are street is dark and was always worry wart. It was weird only when I parked in front of the garage would I wake up and they would be missing. Normally just one but sometimes two. They weren't anywhere to be found and nothing was wrong with the car. Basically, I've just come to the reality that squirrels are stealing them in the middle of the night :p.
  8. nope.. never had one stolen. they make locking ones if it concerns you
  9. LOL I'd blame the squirrels to.

    Yeah I have seen the locking ones. It just you see all the 70s cars with pins and wires which makes since. I mean they can be cut but that's extra effort.
    I was wondering because I have had two friends have theirs stolen and both times ended up with a smashed wind shield and roof!

  10. Guess they figured since he plays with my nuts...
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  11. I guess it could have been some little kids.. Only because if it was someone that new what they were doing. I would have took as much as I could get off.
  12. For a pin on hood you definitely need to use four pins you can make a bracket to bolt where the factory hinges were mounted. I also suggest using the lanyard cables. I run the front cables underneath and behind the headlight to conceal them better

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  13. No hood pins needed! ;)

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