Hood Pins - Only Took 7 Hours To Install

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  1. and he brings back the pic of ganador's car
  2. I'll post pics later today. I've X-Mas shopping to do, and it's really F'ing cold out. I still have yet to make some covers for the hood pins. I'm getting really lazy lately. I also started making square reinforcments for where the struts poke through the hood, but again, I left that project 1/2 done. :notnice:

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  3. Thanks man! been awhile though lol
  4. Here's the ugly chop job. But, at least it gets the job done. I have to come up wih something to cover these pins in order to make hem loof presentable...

    I hate winters here!

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  5. :shrug: wow that sucks, I put some on my '78 camaro the other day and it took about 2 hours. I didn't measure anything, I just put a dab of paint on the top of the studs and lowered the hood gently, drilled a small hole through the middle of the paint (from the bottom) and then finished it off with a big bit through the top. My hood appears to be two layers, but I had a more convient place to mount them i guess.
  6. is that your car?...............no offense but you need to a.) get a new bumper or b.) re-mount it cuz its about to fall off from the looks of it
  7. Yep, that was my car about 2 years ago...this is it now..
  8. i honestly dont see how this is a problem....
  9. Guess you can't put pins in the radiator support on a SN95?

    I thought it would be cool to have pins on my '90 with the stock hood. That was a dumb idea, it took me around 6 hours to install them. I put the in the radiator support...that was the easy part. Getting them to come up through the hood so it would close right was the hard part. I had to smack them around with hammers several times to get them finally straight. Ugh. Trying to get them to go straight through 2 layers of metal about a half inch apart isn't that easy. My hole-drilling method was pretty straightforward though. I just installed the pins and dropped the hood on them. Presto, the holes were "center punched" and ready to drill.

    However now I'm glad I have the hood pins. I hit a deer about 2 years ago, and now my hood latch is so messed up that I just took it out and I use the pins only :shrug:
  10. im in a shop class in school now, and was wondering if it'd be a pretty good project to do hood pins?, they look pretty badass, and im assuming they are pretty cheap?
  11. Nice hood :nice:

    Is it a functioning Ram Air hood? If so post a pic of the Ram air under the hood.
  12. Since you are in a shop, I would think that installing hood pins (the proper way) would be a fairly straight forward project. When dealing with after market hoods, most have some sort of double layer which makes the job a little more detail intensive. In my case, since the hood is functional, I had to drill a connical hole through the hood to allow for the the hood closure in that it was still at an angle when the hood wasn't quite closed all the way and the tips of the hood pins were just going into the hood. I then had to fiberglass in the hole to make it air tight as well.

    I never did take a pic of the ram air itself. When I wake up, if I remember, I'll take a some shots of the under hood guts and the airbax. Basically, it ducts over to a hole in the hood, and when you clode it, the hood compresses a compression fitting ontop of the airbox. Today, I get my rear adjustable LCA's put on. Woohoo!
  13. nope, but you can buy it with a functioning ram air...
  14. The point of ressurecting this thread was?
  15. Cool. That would be my next mod is making it functional :nice:
  16. this need die now me say it was long gone why was it brought back
  17. noob's keep looking back through old threads to find out about the exhaust and other modifications.............hahaha

    I'm sorry, I just had to say that since we all know it's always the same questions over and over again

    Now the thread may die
  18. What brand hood is that you have on it now?
  19. Cervini stalker for the 94-98. Now they offer the 99-04 design for the 94-98s as well.
  20. marvinmycat... i think people will know your car is a mustang when they see it going down the road....