Hood Pins - Only Took 7 Hours To Install

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by marvinmycat, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. AHhhhhhh...talk about back from the dead.

    IT'S ALIVE........IT'S ALIVE!! Maybe it needs a bullet in it..hehe

    Nice hood setup by the way...
  2. That by far is one of thee most RICED Mustangs I've ever seen anywhere...Invader bodykit basically a rip off Veilside...headlights look like there just hanging some how...so unless that **** is real fast and powerful it should be taken off the streets
  3. ^ gotta agree
  4. I just installed Hood Pins on my stock GT hood 2 weekends ago. Had my father help me weld the pins down, but it only took 2 hours. :shrug:

    And I dont know why you put the hood pin through the headlight cover....that really isn't sturdy or correct at all..
  5. ^Wonder about the same thing.

    Since I'm a noob I had to mae it come alive, again hehe
  6. Hood Pins, LOVE LOVE LOVE EM!!!!!!

    Okay - I joined this forum just because of this article. Your car has the exact same hood pins that I want - but I can't seem to find that style. The only ones I can find are the ones that have the wire attachment that goes under the hood, and it looks ridiculous. Where can I find that style of hood pin? BTW, looks great on your stang!!

  7. Holy crap man! It's back....AGAIN :lol:

    Hey marvin,you still driving that stang?

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  8. LOL! Still driving the Stang.

    Thinking about getting something else though; a departure from Ford.
    Not a Civic though!