1. i was looking to upgrade my hood pins any one have any ideas................?
  2. Standard issue hood pins by mr gasket or moroso should be under 20 and work fine
  3. He said "upgrade" I don't like standard pins because they always end up rusting, losing pins....or the lanyards scratch the paint.
  4. could you post some pics of your install? What series areo catches did you use?
  5. I'll try and take some pictures. I chose the locking ones that sit on top of the hood.
  6. I did some googling on the subject and found some REALLY neat options.
    There are endless options once you get looking, however, some of the best ones are EXPEN$IVE!
  7. Ratio411 is right there are a ton of options if you want something similar in style to the cheaper ones, you can get stainless steel.
  8. Ya I've already got the standards ones and there rusting and I spent 80 bucks from ford racing ....
  9. stainless ones here
  10. Ya but where from ???
  11. You can get the FMS ones. They are nice pieces and are SS. I don't like the idea of lanyards and bought a set of billet UPR pins that have a spring loaded circular snap ring on the pin that keeps tension on the pin. You can see them in my avatar pic.


    If money is no object, take a look at these


    They are not cheap and I don't know if I would trust the mini latches to keep the hood down.
  12. i think ive got the stainless from ones from summit. $29.95

    Those quick latch ones look great but not for $250!
  13. I didn't like the aero catch ones to ricy for my taste
  14. what is billet steel? Those upr ones are made of billet steel and polished...
  15. I've got the Ford Racing stainless steel pins from American Muscle, they kinda give it the old school musclecar look, no rust....
  16. mine are stainless... think i got them at pepboys for about 20 bucks they are specra brand i believe
  17. Are these for looks or are they really there to keep the hood down? How fast are you going when you really need them?

  18. IMO they are essential when you have an aftermarket fiberglass hood to keep it from flying off. Some people have been lucky and never experienced the hood coming up. I would never install one without them as piece of mind.
  19. Ahh, fiberglass. I saw where a newer model Mustang could pull the pin out of the radiator mount frame during their initial races. There was too much under hood pressure at speed. I have never heard of it on stock fox stuff. But it makes sense now.