1. Pics or it didn't happen! :p
  2. Those UPR pins are just cut from a block of steel.


    You know, it's funny. You often hear people say that hood pins are for ricers or posers. But I guarantee those people haven't had a hood fly up on them! I once bought a car with a cowl induction hood on it, and the first time I took it out on the highway, the hood flew up and did a lot of damage. (very expensive)

    Good hood pins are cheap insurance. As far as I'm concerned, form follows function, and hood pins keep the hood down!
  3. Currently mine are for looks but a fiberglass cowl hood is coming soon. Will be required for the new hood.
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  6. Holy serious hood pins!
    I like 'em
  7. ford racing with the torsion pins. 8 yrs old, no rust

  8. Hood pins make a car look mean imo. I love the look of hood pins with the cables attached to them. Makes every car I've seen them on look bad ass.
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  9. ya get what ya pay for....made of billet aluminum never rusts .............never!
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  10. Has anyone used the dzus 1/4 turn fasteners?
  11. yes on my two drag cars with lift off hoods. They work very well but are not the best choice for a DD. PITA to align and lock/unlock every time you need to open the hood, plus you have to install mounts for securing the fasteners.
  12. Yeah that's what I'm installing on my car the mounts are already there
  13. we have 1 or 2 of them on the race car.. lol

    im putting a lift off hood on mine this year
  14. How are these hood pins that use self tapping screws safer than a properly working hood latch?
  15. those screws are just to hold the trim ring. the pin is bolted to the core support and would need to push the hood past the clips to get it open.
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  17. thanks bro!! and i use hoodpins along with the stock latch
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  18. Can someone post a pic of where they mounted them on the core support? I had read to remove the bump stop and mount them there. So i removed the drivers side and the hood sat to low. So im thinking the holes on the inner side of the bumpstops.
  19. 89stang1, that red has some serious depth to it. Very nice!
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  20. You can adjust the height of the hood pins by turning them and place some pieces of cut vacuum hose over the pins and then when you drop the hood down, the hose will keep the hood from rattling and also do the same function as the original bumpstops and raise up the hood level.