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  2. Thats a dang good idea!
  3. mine are in the same spot as ateys

  4. thanks brotha!
  5. Are hood pins on a DD unnecessary? I'd like to put a black set on mine. I think it'd look sick with the bright orange and black pins.

    I read if you have hood pins, it shouldn't see rain? I don't see an issue with a little rain going in....rain splashed up from below anyhow I'm sure.
  6. "necessary" is relative. They're not really "necessary", but I have them on my DD and they give me a lot of peace of mind!
  7. Have you seen any rust or issues caused by water?
  8. depends how much driving you do in the winter... a good grade of stainless wont have any issues but i havent seen a stainless yet live up to how maryland salts 95 and 695
  9. i paid 15 bucks for some autozone ones...never rusted, looked good and saved me multiple times cause my hood latch sucked!!
  10. Yeah, MD likes their salt. Luckily in the winters I have been at school and my driving was quite limited.
  11. Yeah keep in min that not all stainless is going to resist rust equally. 304 stainless is basic consumer grade and will rust with relatively low exposure to corrosive environment. 316 stainless contains more nickel and is exponentially more resistant to corrosion.
  12. Yeah, I'm still debating on how much to spend. to me $100 bucks for hood pins is a bit ridiculous.