Hood Problems

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  1. Alright so I noticed what seems to be an issue (in my opinion at least). I was driving down the interstate the other day and when I got up to about 75 I noticed some vibrations coming from my hood. It was almost like the hood wasn't latched all the way and the front corners were trying to be lifted by the wind. So I pulled over and gave the hood a good tug and it was completely secured down.

    Is this a common problem with mustangs or is this something unique to me? I have read about other people having hood problems but their problems seem to be more latching problems.

    On a side note it is not the stock hood it is a steeda hood. Everything seems to be lined up right though. Could it maybe be the rubber bump stops are up too high?

    I just don't want the hood flying up on me while im driving.
  2. likely just less inner support on the hood compared to the oem hood. Has it just started doing this?
  3. Im not really sure. I don't really get up to those speeds very often so I just noticed it when I got on the interstate.
  4. stay below then ;):rolleyes:
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  5. After a bunch of my friends and I had busted windshields I put pins in all my aftermarket hoods no matter how nice they are. There's a way to hide them and pin them from underneath if you don't like the looks of them.
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  6. yes, that would be recomended, especially if you are seeing the hood flex
  7. Its not an issue of staying below that speed because as I said I don't get on the interstate very often. 90% of my driving is done at around 60. I just don't want the hood flying up at me.
  8. I understand that. I'd rather be sure my hood is secure, and therefore I too have pins on my aftermarket hood
  9. I think I am just going to put pins on it. There is a kit on American Muscle for like $35. Not that experience for the comfort of knowing my hood will stay where its supposed to.lol