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  1. Im going to post some pics and tell me if you guys think the scoop is going to be too big for the hood. Im going after the 68 shelby hood scoop for my 65 coupe.

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  2. uhm, thats not a 68 shelby scoop, thats a 67 shelby scoop. the 68 shelby hood scoop looks more like this hood;


    as you can see the scoop gets real near the edge of the hood. but i think they look fine on the early cars.
  3. yeah sorry 67 shelby scoop
  4. it fits just fine . they make a hood with the 67 scoop in fiberglass.
    if you bond one on a steel hood i am not sure where the scoop openings will hit in the under bracing though, if you want to cut them out
  5. 67' Shelby type all fiberglass hood on a 65':


    Painted in my 2 car garage, as evident by the red floor . . . .




    No cross bracing under this hood:


    A cool pic taken on a cloudy day:

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  6. I was hoping to see a 68 scoop on a 65, lol. Im not sure how that would look, but it would be interesting.
  7. most 65-66 stangs have either the 65-66 shelby scoop, or the 67 shelby scoop. i wa able to find this one though