35th Anniv hoodscoop difference

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by rygi23, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Anyone else know that our 35th Anniv. hoodscoop is a little different than the 01-04 ones? Haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.
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  2. The raised hood scoop is one of the select group of options that came on the Limited Edition 35th Anniversary models. Including different side rocker pannels, side scoops, spoiler, hood applique, wheels, and the silver interior bits.

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  3. Hi Ryan!! I know about the scoop being part of the 35th package. However, what I'm referring to is that the scoop on the '99 35th anniv. is a little bit different than the hoodscoop on the 01-04 GTs. The rear of the scoop is actually different. Ours slants down toward the hood while the 01-04 ones raise off the hood before extending forward. You might have to look at a couple pics to visualize what I'm describing but it is a definite difference. A mustang guy that does body work actually pointed it out to me, those guys notice things like that.
  4. Yes, the 35th scoop is unique to our cars, as is the spolier and rocker moldings. The 35th scoop is lower in profile and blends better with the hood than the 01-04 scoop, which is a bit more bulbous.