Hooking Up The Scanner

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by Stangin95, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Have a snap on scanner with the obd 1 and 2 functions and hook ups for every car to plug into. I wanted to try and hook it up to mine and found where to hook it up at in the engine bay. Here lies the problem, being that my car is a 95 the scanner does not get powered off of just hooking up to the inputs in the engine bay, like newer model cars. So I have to plug in an extension into the scanner port and then run a cable to my cig/12volt lighter to give it power to run. But I do not have a cig/12volt hook up where it should be and there is no wiring there to buy a new cig lighter and cylinder the lighter plugs into and hook it up. Is there another 12volt plug in, in the car that I am missing and can plug it into for power? Or any other options or ideas that any of you have would be more than greatly appreciated.
  2. The cigarette lighter / accessory hookups should be in the center console. There should be two; one behind a flip panel behind the shifter, and one in the ashtray. Now, if a previous owner changed your center console you may not have an ashtray. The 98-01 center consoles have the accessory plug back by the storage compartment in the center console, it should be covered with a black plug. The 01-04 center console has its accessory plug inside the storage compartment.
  3. Thank You for the reply. To confirm to this. I have neither the one behind the flip tray by the shifter or the one where the ash tray should be. The owner before me had a nitrous button installed in the ashtray where the cigarette lighter should be.
  4. Just buy the receptacle and make a temporary under hood plug-in.