Hope your fate is better then mine

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  1. I got on the waiting list for a GT500 in Feb 05'. Im was number 3 at MSRP!! Come time to order the car, I am off the list. I dont want to get into the details, but it involves GREED. I was wondering if any of you out there have suffered the same fate? I will not pay over MSRP for this car!!! So, I guess I wont be getting this car.
  2. the details involve GREED?!!

    :eek: I'm shocked :eek:
  3. Wait a year, let them sort out the bugs (trust me there will be some) then make your purchase and be happy.

    Good things come to those who wait............be patient young grasshopper.


    waiting just like you.........but for a Z06. :D
  4. yah i would wait for a year or two even. dealers are greedy and it isn't right.
  5. You mean when the redesign comes out in 09 that there will be leftover Shelby's sitting on the lots? It happened in 2004. Just wait for the guys with too much money to get them. They can develop the limits / baselines of the cars and then the buzz will wear off....
  6. Yeah exact same situation here.

    I don't mean to be a dick, but 'premium' pricing is a JOKE.
    10-20k over sticker price for a Ford is a travashamockery. One dealer told me if they don't get that much over sticker then it will just sit on the lot, they simply won't sell it.

    I told him I'll never buy another car here, and left.
    I have to also agree, now that I've had time to let my crushed dreams heal, it really will be much better to wait until the last year of production. This cycle is scheduled for 3 years right? In three years I'll have this 05 modded so much it should kill that Shelby. *new dream! :p
  7. Show Ford that greed will get them nowhere. This is nonsense when there are so many domestic alternatives available. Buy one of the four Mopar SRT8s(which I did, off the showroom floor for sticker) or a GTO. Or, if you can afford it, a Corvette (Z06 prefferably). Enough of Ford's price-gouging of their enthusiast base (excepting the regular Mustang GT, which is unarguably a performance bargain.)
  8. I can't believe you used the word travashamockery with a straight face!
  9. How is FORD greedy in this situation?
    Why do people blame Ford for price gouging?
    This is a simple matter of high demand on a limited
    edition American Muscle .
    Would you rather Ford make 100.000 Shelbys and sell them for $35000 so you could find it around every corner?
    Be realistic. Ford is doing the right thing to make this very limited. They also have the right pricing for it,The only people causing this price war are the people dumb enough to pay $20.000 over sticker.
  10. But the production run on these cars isn't that limited. 7,000 - 10,000 per year (I don't know if those numbers are still accurate) is still a lot of vehicles. The problem for the first year will be getting all the "gotta have it now" folks the car right out of the gate. The second year will be much better for getting these cars around 40K
  11. Agree. It happened with the Terminators and will likely happen again.
    Let the novelists have their fun and after they tire of their trophies, snag them up, sans new-car depreciation. :)
  12. Well Racer X, I'm right there with you, my family has bought 14 vehicles from our local dealership, and I too hit them up very early, and was supposed to be #1 on the list. Then they told me I had to pay 2k over sticker for the certification. That I was ok with. Then a week later, they told me that because of demand, they had to raise my price; but that because I was a loyal customer, I could still have it for 6k over sticker. Now today the bomb drops, they have an offer for 11k over sticker from some "yahoo", and now my loyalty means SQUAT! So I told them my entire family will take our business elsewhere. I wonder how many vehicles my family has to buy elsewhere, to equal the 5k difference? In any case, I guess their lines, and the #1 on the list don't mean squat. Well at least I've got my '05 Gt, to play with. I wont name the dealership, but it's in Marinette, WI. ;)

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  13. Just drop by to say hi every time you buy from somewhere else. Let them see where you bought the car.
  14. Well, I guess I'm the virgin in the crowd. I too had tried to jump the crowd last fall by putting name and some money down. After several months of tag phone calls, dealer calls me in May and says that I can order a convertible since I was #1 on the list. Dealer says MSRP and that it will be around 47K for convert. Dealers info says that 7K will be made and that production is to start in June and will roll by colors (conv and Cp) until next production color starts. I'm skeptical, but hopeful. I dont want to be "travashamockery".
  15. I will definitely cross my fingers for you, it would be nice to see that there are still honest and fair dealerships out there. Best of luck! :nice:
  16. Wishin & hopin

    I will also keep my fingers crossed but not for eternatity. I gave the dealership an example of overpriced and MSRP plus prices, the newly designed and now discontinued Thunderbird. See what greed gets ya!!:lol:
  17. 100,000

    I say Ford should build 100,000 Shelby Mustangs. They might sell them all. Then FOMOCO will make the money and let the greedy Dealerships sell them for under sticker. I would rather see Ford make the money. The person who talked about the lesson that Ford should have learned with the Thunderbird was right on. They were over priced too. look what happened ! Ford lost money on the Thundrbird.
  18. I don't think there is a market for 100,000. 500hp. $48k. cars. Ford would lose money on building that many of them.
  19. I was bumped off the list too. I was getting a White one.
    anyways payed my 1k for MSRP then week later Ford
    bumped me. If someone wants your car that you don't
    have in your name yet They just ask ford, "How much"?
    and your Bumped...So Ford said we have a White 06 GT
    ready now...So I bought the GT. I'm not paying 70K
    for a dressed up Stang when I can make a Clone for half the amount...

  20. Brother, you could not have picked a better example!!

    Ford is F-ing up BIGTIME with this car and they wont even know it for years to come .....

    (its spelled - G R E E D )​