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  1. I agree, Ford will have trouble selling 25,000 GT-500s.
  2. Yes Ford is screwing up big time.:rolleyes: I mean since they own every dealer. And set the price by whim. They are obviously trying to bankrupt the company.:rolleyes: I heard they really don't want to sell cars. They are actually hoping to go into the aardvark market.:rolleyes: Maybe if we didn't have to rely on dealerships to buy our cars. Everyone that thinks Ford is to blame (Not the dealers) is...

  3. Actually I agree, Ford is screwing up big time.

    In FoMoCo's world, the dealers are their customers, we, the people who actually buy and driver the cars, are not.

    Ford speaks with forked tounge. On one hand they say that they don't want dealers to add AMVs to GT-500s (or other vehicles in short supply ). On the other hand, behind the scenes, Ford is using limited production vehicles and is messing with allocation of popular models to help the dealers charge AMVs.
  4. So are you now trying to say they should build 100,000 GT500's? I mean let's be realistic. The GT500 is no different from any year Cobra. It has always been limited production. With the exception that now any dealer can sell it. Not just SVT dealers. Which means there is more competition for the sales. And should actually be a reason not to charge AMV. Since there are considerably more dealerships in which to shop at.

  5. thanks for your succinct assessment of my posting on this subject /// direct with no ambiguity

    but honestly, wouldn't FORD, its stockholders and some of the dealers be better off if they made more than the paltry / meager number that they have proposed?

    and isnt that REALLY the bottom line here?
  6. No it's not and never has been the bottom line on SVT cars. SVT is what people who can afford them buy. If you can't afford it. You buy the GT. They are generally a "halo" type car. And as for paltry/meager numbers. 7000 is lower than other years of SVT. But not completely out of line for a 500hp car.
  7. Exactly, it's not the dealerships who set the market value, it's the idiot consumers! Why would you sell a car for MSRP when some yuppie will give you $15 over.
  8. Not I'm not suggesting that at all. As I've posted elsewhere, Ford will have trouble selling 25,000 GT-500s over it's production run (assuming it gots to 3 years).

    In spite of the additional dealers selling the GT-500, the allocation system helps dealers to charge AMVs because their supply is limited. In one of Ford's own press releases on the GT-500 it said that the GT-500 will be exclusive just like the Shelbys from the 1960s and also talked about how customers may have to pay extra to get one because production is limited.

    What I am suggesting is that Ford simply announce that it will not limit GT-500 production and will build GT-500s until all orders are met. Not limiting production will limit the dealer's ability to charge AMVs to only those customers who have to be the first to get one. It will stop this BS of dealers getting insane AMVs because production is limited.
  9. But I would say the market takes care of that already. Once the people who will pay over are done. The Cobras have a history of going back to MSRP and even under. So why should there be a change at all? Not limiting production means that it is not a more desirable car. Since anyone can just order it. Instead of (To quote Saleen) "Power in the hands of the few".
  10. Not really true.
    The market will limit production because only so many people will buy GT-500s.

    Saying that "anyone can order it" verses saying "production will be limited" won't affect how many are produced as the market for $50,000 Mustangs is limited. All it would affect is the feeding frenzy when the GT-500 first comes out. ie. "I better buy one now because production is limited" vs. "I'll wait until AMVs dissappear".

    As I said as much as Ford publicly says they don't want large AMVs, behind the scenes they are feeding the GT-500 hysteria.
  11. Sure it will affect how many are produced. Think about how many people are saying they wanted it. But they bought something else instead of paying for over. Those people would have bought it. And more GT500's would be produced and on the road. Now while we can't speculate on whether that would have made it more than what they are planning to produce or not. It may have. But honestly is it a bad thing that some idiots will pay $20k over?
  12. not really 100,000

    I didn't really mean FORD should build 100,000 shelbys. It was just a figurative extravagancy. I really mean they should build enough to fill all the orders and let supply and demand dictate the price not what those greedy dealerships out there think the price should be. That seems to cover all the dealerships because I haven't heard of not one who choses to sell a Shelby at msrp. I've told my local dealer that I quit buying Ford products after they told me what they wanted a Shelby Mustang.
  13. But the market dictates the prices of everything. And while the dealers are being semi-greedy trying to get $20k over. If people are willing to pay it. Then the dealers should sell it. You would do the exact same thing if the positions were reversed. As for filling orders. When would you cut off order taking? Since if you don't get the number correct. You then have to order a small production run of parts. Which is generally more than a larger production run. Which would then increase the price of those cars. Or mean a loss for Ford.
  14. you rather deftly chose not to address whether or not it was better for FORD. FORD stockholders and some dealers for Ford to produce more GT500's .....

  15. Last year, I was ready to write a check on the spot for a 2005 GT at MSRP. No haggling...but the dealer wanted a minimum of $4k over list. Bye-bye...love the GTO [>500 rwhp w/ turbo] and my classic Mustangs.

    The day my wife got to test drive the GTO and agreed it was a LOT nicer car than the Mustang GT, we were at the Ford dealer, and it just so happens the SVT folks were there with a car show. I talked to their head honcho, and he admitted that the price-gouging on the GT's would ultimately hurt. We talked about the GT500 and he said he would put me in touch with a dealer who would PROBABLY sell me one for MSRP when they came out.

    Fast forward to 2006. No one is going to be able to buy one of these cars anywhere near sticker for a long time...but the prices will drop...below MSRP when all is said and done. Happened before, it'll happen again...especially when the new Challenger and Camaro hit the markets. Then they'll be the new kids on the block.

    Gotta have it factor...yeah, right...
  16. I can't see myself in a butt ugly gto! Sorry ! It should out drag race a gt with 400 hp. The thing is the price of a gto. You supercharge a gt for less money and smoke a gto with it. It's also the bang for the buck. The gto hasn't got it. Now put the ugly GM stying along with that....... well..... I'll take the gt mustang. Every shoot out I've read about the gto vs gt gave the gt the nod. I'm still going to wait and see what happens with the Shelby price gouging after it's been out a while before I buy a vehicle.
  17. I am just waiting it out for now...

    On the topic of the GTO though you can't go wrong with 400HP, 6 gears to choose from and a body built like a tank that loves to go around corners.
  18. yea, but it looks like a honda..... nothing like the old GTO...
  19. worse of all, its a GM product! :notnice:
  20. You could drive around all day in a GTO and nobody would even turn their heads to get a second look. I love cars but when I see a GTO going down the road I wonder why anyone would buy one. At first you can't tell if its a Buick or a GTO or a chevy. It has that same GM styling.That is why nobody is buying them and why they are being canned. The camero is GM's answer. I still wonder if GM has the cahuntas to actually build the car. Time will tell.