Hope your fate is better then mine

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  1. I went for a ride in a friends GTO ('05, 350hp) automatic and it was a nice ride, plenty of power. I still think my 05 Gt could at least stay with him. The interior is very nice with lots of electronics and a great stereo. The exterior still looks like a Corolla on steroids. I wouldn't buy one.
  2. MSRP? No offense, but you've got to be kidding. And furthermore, it's called market pricing, not greed. Greed is a political buzzword.

  3. According to my dictionary, "market pricing" is the politically correct phrase for "greed".
  4. Is it greedy:
    A) For retailers to sell a prouct at a market driven price?
    B) For a consuer to want the retailer to sell a product at less than the market driven price?

  5. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, you be the judge
  6. I posted this in another form, but feel this is a good place for it as well

    It doesn't burn me up so much people are willing to pay 20k over list. I do think it's a tad greedy what these dealers are doing, but i don't see that as the great wrong here. THE biggest injustice here is that every tom dick and harry dealer is getting one of these to sell, when i first heard this i thought it was great till i found out what was happening to the one coming to my local dealer. The owner of the dealership is buying it. That filthy rich #[email protected]# (you can fill in w/ any explicative you may please) is going to get this awesome car that the rest of us would have to give up body organs for a mere $43000. Even the salesmen are pissed because it's another fat commission they are getting screwed on. And in the salespeople defence they are really getting it handed to them because the owner did the same w/ the first 05 soup and vert. That is the biggest shame here, I'm all for supply and demand, but this is insider trading, and remember Martha went to jail for that!!!:bs: