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Horizontal Lights or Vertical?

  1. Horizontal

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  2. Vertical

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  1. Which do you prefer on a pre 99 stang, horizontal or vertical tail lights?
  2. Vertical lights look so shabby after they get some age to them. The 94-95 mustangs with the horizontals hint there might be a 5.0 lurking under your hood, more intimidating.:nice:
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    well, it has 3 parts, but seriousely? atleast the horizontals of the 94-95 look kool, even if the dont fit the mustang world perfectly, it was only for 2 years and not 14 years, like some OTHER lights we know...
    not to mention i think the horizontals make the car look a teeny bit wider, and the wider the better. My brother put BLACK 96 tailights on his white 94' (on purpose, it looked pretty kool judge 4 ureself)
    man, his exhaust doesnt look nearly as kool as mine, lol, even though there the same kit, mine just looks bigger and better =P
  5. How do you figure that? 94 and 95 GT and Cobra's also had the vertical lights.

    Personally I like the vertical because it makes the 94's and 95's special.
  6. :bs:

    cobras and gt's had 5.0's in 94-95, and 94-95's had horizontals not virticals...
  7. why do you want to imitate a cobra or a gt or whatnot...i mean true its different from misbadging...but if you put parts on there that aren't GT or cobra EXCLUSIVE, with the intent of making people think it's a cobra/GT....thats just.... :nonono:

  8. Heh, I got my verticle and horizontal transposed. But still, how does
    make any sense. ALL Mustangs in 94 and 95 had the same lights. V6, GT, and Cobra. How would having horizontals hint you had a 5.0?
  9. because thats the only 2 years that model had both those tails and a 5.0 option...
  10. But the tailights dont make people thinks its a Cobra or GT...thats just stupid. Thats like saying 96+ makes people think it might have a 4.6 or something.
  11. I know 3 people with 94-95s that have changed from their horizontals to verticals because they thought the lights looked gay. I agree.
  12. i think they looked gay on my bros old white car, the white horizontals, i would aslo have to have the bezels painted, as they dont make anything like my color, or i could go with black
  13. I love mine, they are different. They make the first 94095's very unique. I dislike the verticals because they are so damn plain.
  14. Nah, the verticals have the cool spotted lighting effect. The horizontals were just gay...sorry no more opinions. My word is final! lol
  15. In your dreams. :notnice:
  16. [​IMG]

    Horizontals look meaner :D :nice:
  17. true! although i thinks the 99+ verts look the meanest (during the day, with their jagged edge design...)
  18. 94-95's in day light = tehubargheyness
  19. agreed.
  20. Thank you. I didn't want to have to embarrass the poor brahma. :rlaugh: you did it for me. :nice: