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Horizontal Lights or Vertical?

  1. Horizontal

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  2. Vertical

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  1. Another good point. :D
  2. The 96 4.6 was a dog too. unless you swapped in a DOHC. :rolleyes:
  3. It would still beat you. And it's not like your (and mine) 3.8's are the creme of the crop.
  4. Uh and how was I embarrassed? I switched vertical and horizontal. So what? What was said still makes no f'n sense whatso ever. Just because you have horizontal lights, it doesnt hint that you have a 5.0. It just says you have a 94 or 95 year Mustang. 94 and 95 V6's, GT's, and Cobra's shared lights. So how would a V6 with vertical lights hint at having a 5.0? Thats the dumbest thing said in this thread. Period.

    But calling inanimate objects "ghey" is a VERY close second.
  5. ghey = teh suxxerz = teh looz :nice:
  6. Which way is Vertical??
  7. bad bioch! no! :nonono:
  8. HUH????????
  9. you know noes!? ohh noes :eek:
  10. I may have missed the pole, but I can give my opinion.

    I never liked the horizonal lights. Sorry. Just not Mustang. Even less so than the Fox, and that rendition was as far away from Mustang heritage in every aspect a modle could be... by name and power plant alone - we were told it was a Mustang, and so we believed it.

    Now Brahma. I'm a little shocked that you seem to have completely missed the point of the horisonal lights to engine size. Two fassets of this statement are; the 4.6 guys - and other mustang owners and fans - would be the one's wondering if the car was a 5.0 or not until they could see badging, and those inside the world of mustang are not going to approch a Mustang with Horizonal lights and assume it's a 4.6, are they?

    ...Oh, did you forget about the 4.6? :shrug:

  11. This is still without a doubt the dumbest thread and dumbest replies ever.


    And Xathwhatever, that arguement still makes no f'n sense whatso ever. No one is going to assume anything, and if they try to assume anything about a cars engine size because of the tailights, they are retards. The only thing the light will show you is an approx of what year of a car it is. And even doing that wont always be right because plenty of losers have switched out thier sexy verticals for horizontals and I've even seen stock 98's with the vert lights.
  12. and ive seen many more 94-95s who have switched to verticals. In fact, ive never seen a 96+ with horizontals...that would be a find...:D
  13. People are f***kin ignorant, brahma for instance, I get asked all the time if i have the six or the 5.0 because people see the horizontals. If they see a newer car with verticals. They assume its a 4.6 SOHC,DOHC, or Not so doggy six. Well, my point is I just say," yep its a six". No need to go bein a ingorant jack ass insulting everyone. Prick...
  14. Me too, but only because my exhaust and the fact that most people think all Mustangs have 5.0's. What you people fail to realize is the average person doesnt know the damn difference in any of the tail lights. They just see a Mustang.

    Before calling people "ingorant" please make sure you can spell the word.

    Also "jack ass" is one word.
  15. I love the horizontals, they look so mean at night. Plus, if I see a GT with the horizontals, I think, "Hey, it might be a 5.0!" It means something to me, cus there's not very many 94-95 GT's around here anymore. I love seeing them. But there are SOOO many 96+ GT's.
  16. Lol...he kinda got ya there...if ur gonna post about being ignorant and a jackass...might as well spell them correctly...lol. I still don't agree with u bout the lights now! Lol. btw don't piss brahma off too much...he carries a golden Deagle (cs speak)...lol
  17. :rolleyes: I remember that thread...
  18. I typed it quick cause it pissed me off, thats all. English and grammar have nothing to do with my statement i made towards you. You get no applause from me for correcting a post like its a term paper. Golden DE does kick ass, but he'd ruin its good looks if he even shot it, if its shootable.
    A good glock is always more of a threat then a golden show gun.:rlaugh:
  19. glock = 9mm and square
    Deagle = .50 Caliber and intimidating!
    (speaking of cs speak, cs:source = da bomb)
    Although, i would prolly rather had something along the lines of an H&K MK23... .45 is fine for me close enough to a .50, lol
    but as we all know, the master of sniper rifles = PSG-1... its f*n god-like!
  20. Wow, even more ignorance. My titanium gold Desert Eagle is one of the hardest finishes ever put on a gun. It isn't 24k and my gun already has over 300 rounds through it.

    And no Glock is as intimidating as my DE...case in point..

    How about a HK USP .45? I got one of those too.