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Horizontal Lights or Vertical?

  1. Horizontal

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  2. Vertical

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  1. i carry a 33 in the stang it gets the job done if some punk ass **** wants to start somethin DE = :worship:
  2. yeah the Mark 23 is just like a larger USP Tactical
    Both are said to be extremely accurate...
    But i love the Socom versions of both, and the match version too! =D
    It would be crazy if i brought our .44 Magnum Revolver in my stang... that's intimidating!
  3. Yeah I like the HK's a lot. They are extremely accurate and can outshoot any Glock (my friend has 2 Glocks and loves shooting my HK more).

    Mark 23's and SOCOM's are nice but dayum they are expensive. Plus I've already got a big hulking hand cannon of a firearm so I needed something small I could carry around. Mark 23's and SOCOM's are large guns and hard to carry around.
  4. i was never a fan of the berretas though... meh! speaking of expensive, the 5-7 sure is! but supposedly very accurate.. HMM
  5. I'm not a big fan of Barretta's or Sig's. Sigs are good guns I admit, but just not my cup of tea. Barretta's however I think are just crap. For the money those things cost, you can get a much better firearm.
  6. Why do anything less than a full metal jacket? :p
  7. I agree, but id rather have a glock in a gun fight. More shots = better. (not that i get in gunfights). Then again, if they have body armor id want a deagle. But if we go by counter-strike, the deagle will win hands down. lol. For some reason i takes like 5 shots to put someone down with a glock in cs unless u headshot them. And even then it sometimes takes 2. :D
  8. I'll put it like this. The Desert Eagle is a beast in the .50 caliber (but pretty tame in a .357 and .44). Its taken me a long while to get used to the recoil without flinching, but I've almost got it down.

    In terms of accuracy you'd be really surprised how accurate the .50 is once you can control the gun (its even more accurate with a 10" barrel). If the situation came up and I had to put my life on the line with my Desert Eagle I firmly believe I would be able to put down my opponent. But would the Desert Eagle be my gun of choice in such a situation? No.
  9. CQC = Subies baby!
    Ingram Mac 10 > IMI Micro Uzi!
  10. Anything made by the IMI ownz all f00l.
  11. Personally I like the vertical lights, but both are 100 times better than altezzas. :p
  12. hmm, pretty hard to be 100 times better than something with a negative score, lol =P
  13. Why not just stick with the taillights that came on the car? The taillights don't matter. When I pull up to someplace where there's someone who wants to talk cars, they seem to think I have a V8.....dunno whether it's because of the hood/SC whistle/or exhaust, but I doubt anyone looks at the taillights unless I'm blowing past them.

    And on guns: I went out and had to get me a desert eagle....only the .44, but it is one awesome hand cannon. Plus I got 4 extra magazines. If you're in my area and wanna mess with me or my vert, you'll deal with the Desert Eagle, 1911, Sig 226, Glock 27, Ruger P95, Ruger Mark II, and a multitude of others. They're all good guns, but if you're looking for accuracy, just use a Remington 870 12 gauge......
  14. check your pms cobraclone