Horn Beeps Twice When I Lock

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by orange07gt, Jun 22, 2007.

  1. Hi Guys,

    My horn beeps twice when I lock the car....why does it do it....this is a new key with a new remote... It unlocks and locks fine.. its just that it beeps twice... is there something wrong???
  2. well i dont know about you but my horn beeps two times real quick when a door/trunk/hood is open when you hit the fob button once.... try doin it with everything closed i guess
  3. It is supposed to do that if something is not closed all the way. Maybe one of your door, trunk, or hood triggers is faulty. [or not closed all the way, heh]
  4. I will try opening and closing everything.. hopefully that solves it.
  5. When I activate the alarm after everything is shut, my horn quickly honks twice.
  6. That's odd. Mine only honks once, but only if I press the LOCK button twice.

    Then again I realize I do not have the factory alarm. I just have the standard ignition kill and locking system from Ford. So maybe it's different.
  7. I opened and shut everything. I think it may be the hood trigger...because I had the Shelby Bumper put on my car... where is the hood trigger?
  8. There is no hood trigger, unless you have some kind of custom (or maybe even ford? alarm on your car).

    Both doors and trunk are the locations for the triggers...
  9. so it's probably the trunk then.... Because I had the body shop paint my shelby spoiler and Sirius Antenna... Where are the triggers for the doors and trunk?
  10. I don't have the alarm system, so I can only confirm that the doors and trunk are locked. I think, though, that if you have the alarm system, the hood is also included in the verification as to whether or not everything is locked.

    For me, press the fob lock once and the flashers flash once if doors and trunk are locked. Press the fob lock twice and the horn also sounds once.
  11. I have the full factory alarm w/incline sensor.. whenever I press lock twice on the keyfob...the flashers blink and the horn honks just once..Which is exactly what it's supposed to do..
  12. mine honks twice... that's where the problem is.
  13. Mine honks twice....the second one is much louder though........
  14. STop pushing the button 3 times, hah hah, jk. Wouldn't the message center tell you if the door or trunk sensors were seeing that something was wrong or don't you have that feature? Mine beeps only once, but then again, one is the loneliest number and maybe two is better: or two could be the new one, who knows???
  15. When I am ready to exit the car and hit the lock button on the door… when I close the door the lights blink once and there is no horn.
    If the car is not locked when I shut the door there is no blinking of the lights or horn.
    If I lock it with the fob or if I just make sure the car is locked after getting out and hit the fob the lights blink and the horn does not blow.
    The only time the horn blows is when using the fob and press the lock button more than once… once the lights blink… twice the horn blows.

    The more times I hit the lock on the fob the more times the horn blows.
  16. it is supposed to beep once if you hit the fob lock button twice and you should have a hood trigger (mine does from the factory) its by the hinge i think on the driver side.. little black dealy.. go through a system check on the info center on the dash and it tells you if everything is open or closed.. hood.. trunk... doors.. maybe you have a bad connection.. sensor... wire.. or something... the only time its beeps twice and faster is when something is open....
  17. I correct myslef....mine beps loud the first time and quiet the second....
  18. I myself am having the same problem with car honking twice upon locking. This didn't happen until it came back from getting roush body kit painted. I have double (even tripple checked ) everything to make sure it is closed but nothing seems to help and the system check shows everything closed.
  19. Is your car equipped with the factory security system? Mine is and it has a hood switch mounted on the passenger side fender. It might have been disconnected/damaged during the install. I'd check there first.

    I've never confirmed any notification from the information center if the hood is left ajar.
  20. I've had the same problem since I purchased my stang last year. I've had my local Ford dealer look into it but they couldn't figure out anything that was wrong and were just boggled as to why it was happening.