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  1. Hey Stangnet,

    This is my first post on this forum, it seemed the most active out of all the other mustangii sites. I own a 78 2.1 lt, and Ive been in the process of restoring it to a decent condition.

    Usually I can answer my questions by surfing the web, however I ran into a snag here.

    (both low and high tone horns, if there is only one my bad)

    Thats my question guys, where are the horn locations and how the heck do I replace them.

    (side note)

    I found one of them just now, it was tucked away to the left of my radiator hidden behind the wiper fluid container. It has only one slide on connector thing. So that will limit my options for OEMs correct?

    I know absolutely zero about how horns work besides the fact that is sends an electrical current when the circuit on the press plate on the steering wheel is completed.

    Thank you Stangnet!

  2. You found the one and only horn! Having only one slide-on connector (+ voltage) should be no problem for whatever replacement horn you select (many of them have a 2nd terminal which is ground, you can just connect that wire to the bolt that holds it to the bracket or to any other place on the metal bodywork). You should be able to mount whatever kind of horn or horns you'd like (I have an air horn myself).

    There isn't much more to the horn then you've found - contact plate in the steering column sends 12V to the horn wire. There's a fuse in-between which you might want to check (or at least check that there's voltage going to the horn with a test-light or volt-meter since checking fuses on a II is a bigger pain than it sounds!)
  3. "checking fuses on a II is a bigger pain than it sounds!"

    AMEN!!! :rolleyes:
  4. Bjorn[/quote]

    I managed to figure things out after another few hours of googling but thanks for clearing things up! I didnt know about the fuse, so Ill check that out. And yes, the fuse panal for the IIs are a massive pain in the ass to reach. I haven't even tried yet. So thanks guys!