Horse Power loss

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 5093lx, Aug 26, 2007.

  1. Hi guys, Im wondering if any of you can determine this problem just by a read. or have any suggestions as to what the cause could be.

    i've noticed with my mustang, once my car got hot I lost a ton of power(after 15minutes about), and when it cooled back down(left over night) the next day started back up and it ran strong again untill the engine got hot once again. Then after a couple days of that it just stayed slow from start up. sounds like a worn out part(s) but i cant tell what it could be, everything seems fine......Only thing i notice mind you is i do have an exaust leak out of one of the headers( the passenger side back tube), could that cause like 30-40 hp drop?

    my motor is a stock 1990 5.0L Ho, about 130,000 kms. 5spd.

    It was dyno'd a year ago and was like 40hp loss and i believe 40 torque loss as well. so theres a problem somewhere...but i :shrug:

    I checked the injectors and they r fine. it just passed emissions test with flying colours so its tuned and timed right. im not much of a mechanic, but just wondering if anyone can give a suggestion to what could be a cause of this, b4 i end up just rebuilding the whole motor this winter.

    thanks guys.:canada:
  2. TFI module. I would test it before you buy a new one...they are a little pricey. those are terribly affected by heat! i might start there!
  3. ok thanks ninety15.0, i will do that.