Progress Thread Horse Sense - 66 Coupe To Fastback Conversion

66 Coupe to Fastback Conversion

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    Nov. 8 2013 the last piece of the puzzle

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  2. well i was digging through my paints ,my secret stash .can't figure out when i bought it but i found 3 gallons of Centari Candy apple red that have never been opened. i was planning on Wimbledon White and guards man blue. i have plenty of blue but the white i have would be very close . it looks like i will go ahead and paint it Candy apple red and white stripes .the whether is turning bad fast so i may have to wait until spring .i had a 65 that was Candy apple red and it showed very well .17 first place trophies and one second place, that i lost to my black 66 GT coupe. i guess you cant get two first place trophies in the same show:rlaugh:. my 65 had Shelbys crew chief Garry fooled .he asked me if it was a real Shelby? i told him it was a replica .he said nice job i thought it was the real thing .the next day i was told by Steve Davis that the man him self saw the car when i wasn't there and said it was one of the finest replicas he had seen ,talk about a spirit lift . i think i will try to replicate it and hope it turns out like the first one.
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    Dec.28 2013 quarter vent covers

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    Dec. 29 2013 vent covers in place

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  5. This is an awesome thread!!!
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  6. And it was a lot of fun.
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    March 18 2014 Hood Pins

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  8. I've read through this thread before, but I keep running through it just for the pictures; very inspiring. What kind of primer do you use and where do you get it?
  9. I think it is called Colar but i would have to check . It is from Dupont . It is very hard to sand but bonds to bare steel very well .Once you scuff off the top it sands easily and feathers out great. They change the primers and paints so often here in Cali i never get to use the same thing twice .
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  10. Reading through this I am completely floored by how casually this is knocked out. Other builders act like they are building Rome in a day when they fill a rusted panel. Terrific work, and as a novice builder, "intimidated" is the closest my reaction is to this. This is amazing stuff.
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  11. WOW, I just read all this thread and all I can say is wow. Kudos to you and your ability to do this. I thought my Mustang was a basket case but what I did was not as extensive as your project. All my welding was done by my body man. I'm amazed by people who can do this. It truly is art in my mind.
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  12. you continue to amaze and inspire good sir. My 68 coupe is within a few days of be ready for the paint shop. Only issue now is finding a shop here in MD that actually understands these cars and has the space INDOORS to store her until it gets pretty. My wife has dubbed her the mistress since I spend so much time with her.
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  13. Depending on the color you decide to paint , you could call her, THE LADY IN RED
  14. any more ideas on my fuel gauge problem or are you stumped too
  15. What type of welder do you use for the flooring and patch panels? Your welds look so smooth and nice.
  16. I use a mig welder /wire feed . It doesn't always make pretty welds though ,it has a mind all it own .
  17. HELP!!!!!!.....I am in need of help.....I have been trying to figure out this fuel gauge problem and have finally came to a fuel gauge and sender works fine until I put fuel in the tank....then it screws up......has anyone else ever heard of this problem????
  18. Horse sence , you stated in post #65 dated 7 / 29 / 13 , that all the interior parts needed were available now from Dynacorn to do a F/B conversion , I have searched the Dynacorn site from top to bottom and I can't find the parts , parts like the water troughs ,floor seat brackets ,inside door pillar piece , ect. can you help ? part #'s or what ever ?