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  1. I was interested and impressed in your response regarding do it yourself alignment on Stangnet. You have me just about convinced to give it a go on my 69. But first a couple of questions. Do you have a favorite alignment tool. I have seen the longacre model that attaches magnetically to the wheel hub, and the fastrax model that attaches to the wheel rim. Any recommendations. Also how do you address toe in and out? The fastrax model has an optional attachment for this. Also what is used to measure the 20 degree wheel angle when setting castor.
  2. candphall,
    I sent you a "conversation" or PM, if you will, with my phone number. You should see a red alert near the upper right corner of this page. Toe can be done with a tape measure or other device. 20 degrees is molded into the longacre and other units and you simply line it up with the edge/line of your fender. 1-2 degrees off on the 20 yields a minimal error in specs. The details/hands on/how to advice is much easier to go over verbally in a phone call. I'm good until 10:00 PM West Coast (PST) time or after 8:00 AM.
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