Horsepower in 05 and impact on sales

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  1. If it worked for me Id be on RICERNET not stangnet
  2. Guess I know now that I need to head out west from my current location to a Ford dealer in Lampasas county. The population of the entire county is less than half the population of my city alone.
  3. Hey Ron, I hear you loud and clear, but there is a big difference in an 'import enthusiast' and a ricer.

    Sadly, ricer's are not just limited to VTEC's and other assorted crap...a large majority of them drive (GASP) 1999-2003 V6 mustangs!

    I don't necessarily dislike imports (although they aren't my cup of tea), I would rather see a clean Subaru WRX than a V6 Stang of any year with a f***ed up looking wing, fart pipes, and APC stickers on it.

  4. I know what you mean by this Sir Hacksalot. I too dislike it when I see some young owners ricing out the V6 or the V8 Mustang. It "IS" a nice sight to see the imports without the large wings and fart pipes. But unfortunately the young crowd who own these cars don't do this. They prefer to make their cars ugly looking by adding these things on them. And the funny thing about this is that they think that they can gain horsepower by doing this to their imports. How much more stupid can they get?
  5. You're talking about expensive cars there. Mustang GT is supposed to be affordable! Mercedes with 500 hp is in anotehr class as the pony car! Everyone thinks 350 or so HP isn't so out of the question. There is no possible way a Mustang or any other car with 350 HP will go for 25k and under!! People, lets be realistic here.. You expect a 25k car to perform as well as a 40+K car? C'mon!
  6. Not much dumber. I don't neccessarily have a problem with the big wing. I understand the theory behind downforce. But what kills it is they put it on the wrong axle.
  7. ITS A-OK that the GT has a base HP of 300hp.

    I see Shelby series vehicles with 325hp+... HOPEFULLY!

    Hopefully meaning they wont be just badging a Mustang like the 80's.
  8. Wouldn't the Shelby series vehicles be the CObra model? I thought that if Ford ever builds a Shelby Mustang that it will be a Cobra model with at least the same horsepower that the current Cobras have, if not more. What do you think?

    Will the Shelby if it's built be a Shelby Cobra or will it be a "separate" Mustang that will be different from the Cobra? This is what I cannot figure out. Does anybody here have true facts regarding this question?
  9. I think it will be a special line up vehicle like the MACH 1.

    I hope there is the V6, GT, Mach 1, Shelby, and Cobra.
  10. Mach 1 is over after this year.. It'll be another speciality Mustang with a different name. But I heard it won't be for awhile.. The 99+ speciality Mustangs (Bullitt and Mach) were generated to help gain sales. 05 won't need that help for a bit. But it'd be nice to have one.
  11. I don't think ford would havea shelby cobra unless it was a modified svt cobra. I don't think they'd want to dilute the gene pool so to speak.