horsepower??? track times??

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  1. i have want to buy a 1995 gt for $7500, it has 90,000 miles and the following parts
    ‑Edelbrock Pro‑performer RPM Intake Manifold
    ‑Cold Air Intake
    ‑6AL MSD Ignition System
    ‑255lph Fuel Pump and 24lb Injectors
    ‑Under‑drive Pulleys
    ‑Computer Chip
    ‑3 Stage After‑market Fan w/ adj. dials in interior
    ‑3.7.3. Gears
    ‑Centerforce Clutch
    ‑Short Shifter
    ‑Eibach Suspension Lowered 2"
    ‑"H" Pipe
    ‑2 1/2" Exhaust with No Cats
    ‑2 Chamber Flowmaster Mufflers
    ‑3 1/2" Chrome Tips
    ‑17" Chrome Cobra R Rims
    ‑Cobra Front Bumper
    ‑Nitto Drag Radials
    ‑Auto Meter Phantom Tower Gauges (Water Temp. & Vacuum Pressure)
    ‑Auto Meter Phantom Pod Gauges (Fuel Pressure & Nitrous)
    ‑Viper auto security system

    is all that worth 7500??? and what kind of whp? wtq? and track time could i expect with that?
    i plan on gettin a diff MAF and tb as well as long tubes right after buying the car becuase i want to try and show up my friends f-bodys :banana:
  2. Probably like 270 to the wheels. Just a shot in that dark
  3. No way probably around what i have 240-250 to the wheels. He has stock heads and cam so i dont see it being higher than that especially with the big RPM on the stock heads and cam.
  4. what do u think once i get the bbk long tubes and a 70mm tb and a diff MAF. and which MAF would u recomend?
  5. i would guess about 230hp to the wheels. your mods are similar to what i had when i made my first dyno pulls and i made 230.2hp 293.2lb/ft. for the mass air meter, i would go with either a 77mm or 80mm pro-m. (the 80mm is about $100 cheaper because it is plastic)
  6. any ideas on 1/4 mile as it sits??? and after the headers, maf, and tb??
  7. how bout retarding the timing 6*? help any?
  8. Put the timing at 14* ATDC. But you'll probably have to run 91 octane to prevent detonation. Just play around with it and see what feels best. 10* is stock. That RPM manifold is pretty big for stock heads and cam. I'm willing to bet that is actually hurting you right now. Performer upper would be a lot better.

  9. I was gonna say around 225 to 230.

    The Long tubes and 70mm TB will do nothing to your power with those mods. If anything, you drop low-end TQ. Your stock TB is fine until you get heads and cam or a power adder.

  10. Those long tubes will help him out a great deal. That is the only difference between WhiteDevils mods and mine and I trap 1 mph faster in the 1/8. I still think the RPM intake is WAY too much though.

  11. yup longtubes rock shorties :(
  12. for sure man...I need to do some TLC on mine though, there seems to be some corrosion. They still sound damn nice though!
  13. Just for reference check out my sig. My ET is really slow for the mods I have, but I think I have that figured out.
  14. well im gonna keep the rpm intake and get a new t/b, maf, and some long tubes and run it like that for a while until i save up enough for tfs1 cam and some twisted wedge heads.... that setup should work fine until i get some boost