Horsepower TV is building up a 347CI engine for a stang

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  1. I am always tivo'ing that show, they work on stangs a lot. They just put a vortech SC on a fox stang about a week ago. This engine they are building now is awesome.
  2. Two things are gonna happen

    1 They will spend a TON of money

    2 The results will be less than desirable

    How many times have you seen them spend an unbelievable amount of money for a project and get all excited about a very small gain.

  3. There was an old show were they modded a 94 GT, and I remember that they did everything so assbackwards with the car that a huge thread started on here and a bunch of people wrote letters in to the show.
  4. since you are tivo'ing it, do you mind posting it for us? Or is there a good website where I could find the listing for the show?
  5. i hate watching that show just because of their ignorance... those guys are actors, not mechanics... at least get someone in there that knows what they are doing. :notnice:
  6. that motor is for a truck on the 4x4 show after it, but those 2 foxes are pretty sweet
  7. hey, I like them better than the guy on trucks :notnice: still you are right
  8. I think I remember them dynoing that engine. Something like 375 at the crank. Seems to me a well put together stock block with h/c/i can do that. They definately wast money. I cant watch that show anymore.
  9. Are you talking about the episode where they start it by showing a black fox, and a 93 R? If anyone noticed, he was talking about the 93 R and said they made 109...dumbass. It was 107, I've read from many sources it was 107, I somehow doubt his fat ass knows something that Mustang mags don't.

    I find the show entertaining, but yea, they somehow find the most expensive way to the least gains that I've ever heard of. I love when they get done dyno'ing and theyre like "...yea that's a gain of about 25 hp and 10 ft/lbs, and it only set us back about $2,500, (insert bad joke/pun or GM guy vs. ford guy sh** talking here)"