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  1. hey guys i just bought a 2000 silver stang convertible. completely stock engine and all that kind of stuff. i was wondering if any of you guys have dynoed a stock 2000 V6 or anything w/ the same engine as mine. also what have you topped your car out at and all that. thanx for the info. :cheers:
  2. I watched a automatic 2001 mustang dyno at 143 hp and 163 tq.

    V6 mustangs top out at about 120 mph.
  3. I thought the 2000+ V6s dyno at 200+ hp?
  4. maybe in a V6 owners dreams, yes.

  5. They're suppost to be at 193 hp(stock) but in reality they're 150 hp(stock).
  6. The cars are rated off the flywheel horsepower.
    When you dyno them, you get their true REAR WHEEL horsepower.
    There is alot of drive train loss.
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  8. Plus the manufacuter rating is in a controlled environment with no accessories on the engine.
  9. 115mph topout. 155rwhp. And to answer all of the questions that you will ask in your future.

    1) Yes an E-bay CAI is about the same as anyother one.
    2) T-lok will spin both your tires
    3) I don't know why only the right side is higher than the other, after you lowered it.
    4) Diablosport tuner will save you some money after you get gears and such
    5) 3.73 gear ration is good for manual trannys
    6) 4.20 gear ration is good for autos & manuals
    7) Search button
    8) GT take-offs will work fine
    9) Boobies are awsome
    10) unless you drop alot of money into your car you can't beat a GT in 1/4mile
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  11. 120 is top speed. That is where the speed limiter is. I know i've had it up that fast.
  12. Boobies are awesome! I agree with that much.

  13. :banana: BOOBIES :banana: lol.

    Mustang-02 are you sure you had it hitting 120mph? 'Cause when my car was stock I could only get it to 115mph in 4th gear and 5th.
  14. I believe the speed limiter is set for 116
  15. That's what I think to, 115mph or 116mph, right around there.
  16. This should be a sticky! :flag:
  17. I've gone 117 in my 98, but then again I put a new gauge face on, so it might have shifted? So maybe 116 or 118. Somewhere around there. Let me also add that STOCK MANUAL SYNCHROS SUCK!! I want an MGW shifter :( :( It sometimes won't let me shift into 3rd when I start getting up just below 5k RPM :nonono:
  18. yep boobies are pretty much the *****

    i believe the limiters vary but its between 115-120mph, i checked mine using the electronic speedo function in the odometer and clocked 118. i have seen someones "stock" dyno sheet for 170 something rwhp i use the quotes because i probably cant find it to post up but yeah its a good bit below the 193 crank hp given by ford.

    and i believe up there worked v6 meant 4.10 gears not 4.20(must have been thinkin of something else there :rolleyes: )

    and i would like to add 2 things to the list

    11) it is NOT easy at all to swap a v8 of any kind into a v6 mustang, it can be done but pretty much requires a wrecked gt to do
    12)the supercharger from thunderbird supercoupes will not fit easily onto a v6 mustang, it requires many MANY other engine components out of the t-bird

    enjoy :flag:
  19. Thank you. It really should be, it would stop alot of the same questions being asked.
  20. :hail2: BOOBIES :hail2: LOl. Yeah, I meant 4.10... don't know what I was thinking *caugh, caugh*. Definately add those two to the list. Are mods the only ones who can make stickeys or can we do them to?