hose kit???????????

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  1. does anyone make a decent looking hose kite for our cars. not the blue ford ones or the goodyear ones. like braided ones or one's like the fox guys run with the chrome upper hose? thanks:SNSign:
  2. You can find'em on ebay quite a bit, but I've never seen'em used on our cars, and I'm not sure it would do very well, since our engines tend to twist alot, and chrome piping doesn't seem like it's very flexible....anybody else? Please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong
  3. The chrome pipes are generally on blower cars and they do alright IMHO. The coupling has enough flex to handle articulation.

    Something that worries me about the braided hoses: the one I felt was really stiff (that sentence came out wrong). I was not comfy tossing it on the radiator neck (sideloading concerns). I'd like the articulated metal hoses, but they're like a brick of sharp.
  4. I kinda preffer the look of a really clean factory black rubber hose with a good coat of rubber protector stuff on it. Its show-worthy without being too much in-your-face. But then again it depends on the whole theme you're going with.
  5. thanks guys
  6. One other idea, though it's not something I've done. Have you considered one of those braided sleeve kits? I don't know how they look once installed, but I bet it's pretty decent overall. The cost is quite minimal.

    Good luck.
  7. I got the sleeve kit, looks kind of homely after a while
  8. i have the chrome hoses, theyre made by mac. my upper didnt fit good with my fluidyne so i cut it a lil. i like em cuz i dont think ill ever have to replace em plus theyre shiny! :D

    id rather have these tho.